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NYCC: Is it an Addiction?

Comic Booked Guest Writer 10/12/2012 Features

NYCC: is it an addiction or are the comic books?

Anything can be an addiction, most notably are drugs and alcohol because they do something to your system that changes the way the body works, just look at cigarettes. The thing is though, anything that helps release the endorphin(s) in your system could warrant becoming an addiction. The item itself might not have physically anything to do with releasing the chemicals in your brain, it just might be the feelings of a memory that releases the compound. For some it’s food; for others it’s sex; and for me, well it’s comic books.

I enjoy my coffee, in fact while writing this I walked over to my local convenience store and purchased a cup. It is also safe to say that I am addicted to cracking my knuckles. Both of these send calming ripples through my persona. I am not a drinker so I don’t worry about that. As for smoking, my grandfather died from it. And drugs? Well, I never fell into that crowd at high school. Okay, I fell into that crowd, but when it was time for their “high” behind the school on the railroad tracks I never followed. Both cracking my knuckles and drinking coffee I quit for a small denomination of time. One because I had to, and the other because I wanted to.

I had to quit coffee because for a time of my life I was placed on medication and I was not allowed to have caffeine and I would rather stop drinking the liquid than switch to decaf. It was a year and a half before I was able to drink this substance. Mind you, I started drinking coffee when I was three, which is probably the age my father started to crack my knuckles. I just stopped typing to go through a round on my fingers. Both of these addictions aren’t so much the addiction of the items themselves but the lingering memory of how they started and who started them. In these cases, my father and grandfather.

So where does New York Comic Con fall in? My first major convention was in Philadelphia, 1993. I went to one single small event before that. The majority of my comic books purchased before 2008 were from my LCS. Since that year I have gone to Wizard World each year for the full event, as well as a smaller con known as the Philadelphia Comic-Con. It’s a small con with a room full of dealers and lots of comic books, but it was last year that I had the distinct opportunity to go to the New York Comic Con with the express intent to go the whole show and write about everything I saw. Two things stopped me: one, a wedding (not mine, I  would schedule better); and two, there is simply too much to retain and remember about this event–it is simply too large to contain.

Thursday was just the opening salvo. It was an atmospheric pressure that seemed to cry out a challenge. Tame me if you dare. I, alas, hoped to but could not make the entire show. I have divided up the show days between work and writing. Writing is a passion as is collecting these bits of stapled colored paper but I need money. So I am working on Friday and Sunday, allowing me to go two days to the con. I would have been able to take off for the show but Baltimore was only a month ago, and I am reminded of my Mom’s nagging voice as she threw away copies of Uncanny X-Men #191 and #192, “They’ll never be worth anything.”

If you’re reading this, and comic books is your thing, no matter when it is, no matter what year, this is an event that you MUST attend. Take the whole weekend. Go from the time the doors open until they usher you out and it will still not be enough time to take in everything that unfolds. Whether you walk up and down artist alley, shuffle through throngs of people looking at all of the Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and many others, and of course dealer after dealer such as World Wide Comics, Vintage Comics, and JC Comics have to offer. Not to mention Classics Incorporated and my favorite, CGC.   And if you like Halloween, you can try your costumes out at the show.  NYCC is simply too massive to tell you all, please check back for more info and a personal account of the show.

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