With all of the news coming out of New York Comic Con centering around DC Comics, Marvel, and Dark Horse it’s easy to overlook the news from the small presses out there. Which is a shame because quite often, these smaller, independent imprints produce high quality stories. Without the independents, the world wouldn’t have Sin City, Witchblade, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We at Comic Booked are proud to bring you an Indie News Round-Up, featuring some of the overlooked information coming out of NYCC this year.

David Hine and Shaky Kane will reunite for a new Bulletproof Coffin seriesFirst up we have David Hine who, in addition to being announced as the new writer for Top Cow’s The Darkness, will be launching a new volume of The Bulletproof Coffin, his creator-owned series with artist Shaky Kane. In The Bulletproof Coffin, Hine created a story based on the history of comic books, with a satirical twist and commentary concerning the Comics Code Authority and the power wielded by the Big Two. While the original The Bulletproof Coffin concentrated on the past, Hine stated that the next volume will look to the future of comics.





Eric Shanower's Age Of Bronze will soon be available digitally.Eric Shanower’s creator-owned series, Age Of Bronze,is planned to be released digitally. The Age Of Bronze “Seen” app, published by Throwaway Horse, will focus on the people and events of the Trojan War, and will be brought to full-color life, updating the black-and-white art originally published by Image Comics. Eric Shanower, who also adapted L. Frank Baum’s Oz novels for Marvel Comics, worked closely with colorist John Dallaire to make sure that the colors were as lively and historically accurate as possible. Each issue will be approximately 20 pages and will be offered at the initial price of 99 cents.




Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips will be creating a new series called FataleEd Brubaker and Sean Phillips are working together on a new series. Fatale, which is described by Brubaker as a “James M. Cain and H.P. Lovecraft mash-up” will shift between multiple points-of-view across multiple timelines, but focused on a woman who may or may not be the living embodiment of the femme fatale archetype. Fatale will draw on the pair’s knack for crime drama, while mixing in a dash of the supernatural for good measure.






Kurt Christenson and Reilly Brown's Power Play is now available.Reilly Brown and Kurt Christenson have been promoting their creator-owned Power Play for a few weeks now. With New York Comic Con marking the release of the first issue, I felt it apropos to mention it again. Power Play is currently available on the ComiXology app, which can be accessed using almost any digital device around. I asked Brown about the possibility of a print run in the future, and he said that plans for that are currently being ironed out. Check out our Comic Booked review of Power Play here.


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