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NYCC: Dynamite Teases a New Event for 2014

Kelly Cassidy 10/10/2013 News

Every comics company has a major event. Marvel currently has Infinity and Battle of the Atom, DC has Forever Evil, and Zenescope just completed its Unleashed event. We don’t know much about what Dynamite has planned, but the 4 teaser posts they’ve revealed so far have given some insight as to the minds behind it. And I will say that it sounds like it will be a fun ride.

The teasers began on October 7 2013 with the following image being released:

Dynamite Teaser #1

Based on this, all we know is that a terror of some kind is returning… and Greg Pak, the guy who I thought did a fantastic job with World War Hulk and whose Batman Superman book I am thoroughly enjoying, is partly responsible for it. The green color, though, may indicate one of Dynamite’s flagship heroes – the Green Hornet – may be involved.

One day later on October 8 2013 we received the second teaser towards this event:

Dynamite Teaser 2

So a second writer on the book, one who I am only familiar with from a few recent Valiant titles as well as the Alpha Flight book at Marvel through “Fear Itself”. Still, I liked those books, but it seems like 2 writers now exist and that the “Future Fights Back” which is quite interesting as most of their books take place in the past. From the image, I’m not sure what to read into it… Cement? Not sure what that is so it truly does qualify as a teaser…

The third teaser arrived on Wednesday October 9, 2013:

Dynamite Teaser 3

So here, we’re seeing “The Power Consumes” with a more spacey look and feel to the image behind it. With the current Dynamite lineup, we have Flash Gordon or perhaps John Carter involved somehow (but I would lean more to Flash Gordon and maybe the power being that of Ming the Merciless). It could very well be Battlestar Galactica but probably not – the current series is between the two classic series of Battlestar Galactica and Galactica 1980 so I am leaning towards ruling it out. Now, I’m not that familiar with Frank Barbiere so I had to look him up and he is yet another writer coming on board, having written Blackout for Dark Horse and Five Ghosts for Image, both of which I’ve heard of but have never had the chance to pick up and read (but am now tempted to, with the thought that if Dynamite sees something there it’s definitely worth a look based on the amazing stories I see from their line).

The final teaser arrived today, October 10 2013:

Dynamite Teaser #4

To add to this powerhouse of writers, we have Mark Waid, who is currently the guy behind the relaunched Green Hornet series at Dynamite. Waid is known for a ton of books, really, including a long run on DC’s The Flash which was one of my most favorite runs of his, I will admit. He has some amazing stories from a whole bunch of universes, so with him involved to an already stellar team you know this is gonna be epic! My guess is that with the smoke and the tagline about nightmares that we will either get something involving the Shadow… Or maybe Dynamite will throw everyone a curve ball and make it completely unique!

Put these 4 images together and we get the following:

Dynamite Teaser Full

What does this all mean? What is the key? Dynamite promises we’ll find out on October 11, 2013, which is the Friday of the New York Comic Con so we’ll all be on the same page tomorrow!


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