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NYCC DC Comics Young Justice Panel Highlights!

Jordamus Prime 10/19/2011 Reviews

Fans of young heroes in the DCU (or should I say the DCnU?) were standing by this weekend during DC Comic‘s Young Justice panel at NYCC while creators like Eddie Berganza, Tony Bedard, Sterling Gates, Rob Liefeld, Paul Levitz, Chris Batista and Bobbie Chase presented a some sneak peeks and a ton of new information about our young heroes! Here are some of the highlights-

– In Blue Beetle we will be seeing more of the Hive Masters and The Reach, who created the Blue Beetle Armor.

– Jaime’s armor is damaged, so it can’t control him and force him to take over the Earth as was originally planned by The Reach.
Legion of Super Heroes
– “It‘s kind of like Green Lantern meets Spider-man! It‘s this kid who suddenly has these crazy powers of this cosmic weapon”- Tony Bedard

– In Hawk & Dove we see the emergence of two all new villains- Condor and Swan.

– Condor and Swan are sort of like the “Anti-Hawk-&-Dove”, as well as also being Avatars.

– In Legion of Superheroes, we will be seeing an emphasis on newer, younger heroes rather than longtime Legion team members.

– We will be seeing an all new Mini-series called Legion Secret Origin, which tells the whole story of how the Legion of Superheroes began.

– In Legion Lost, we see several Legion of Superheroes team members lost in time, stranded as castaways from their own time period.

Teen Titans is heavily tied into the Superboy ongoing series.

– In Teen Titans, we will be seeing an all new villain group called “Nowhere”.
Teen Titans, Kid Flash, Superboy
– This is the FIRST EVER incarnation of the Teen Titans in the DCnU. There have been NO previous teams called the Teen Titans, making this generation the first real generation of young heroes.

– Still no word as to the whereabouts of former Teen Titan fan favorites Wally West and Donna Troy.

– “We will be seeing a lot of familiar faces throughout the series, while also introducing plenty of new ones for people to get to know”- Bobbie Chase

– The smoke girl featured on the cover to the first few issues of Teen Titans is actually Solstice, who appeared in the last half dozen issues of the Classic DCU’s contemporary Teen Titan’s series.

– In a separate panel, when asked why Tim Drake was only featured in Teen Titans and not given his own title, Jim Lee responded “ We wanted to make the Teen Titans a big book again! We knew one way to do that was to fill the team with strong characters like Tim that people actually want to read and can only get in this book”.


There you have it folks! Lots of great info on the next generation of heroes in the DCnU! Stay tuned to Comic Booked for more information about everything comics! Don’t forget to check out our all access coverage of Batman and Green Lantern as well!

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  1. The Nerd 10/20/2011 at 6:34 am

    I haven't read any of the Young Justice stuff besides the first issue of Superboy. Now I am rethinking my pull list, again.

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