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NYCC DC Comics Green Lantern Panel Highlights!

Comic Booked Guest Writer 10/14/2011 Reviews

Green Lantern fans, DC Comics own Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi, and Tony Bedard were at NYCC dishing the news on upcoming plans for the Green Lantern franchise!  I received this information from two of our Comic Booked correspondents on the scene at NYCC, Jordamus Prime and Kyle Black, and am merely writing it up due to the time constraints that go hand in hand with attending and covering a HUGE convention.   Since the news came out in rapid-fire succession, I think that bullet points will be an appropriate format to share the highlights with you.  So take cover, here we go!

— A new Green Lantern animated series looks to be the first DC cartoon to utilize CGI.

— The series will be based on Hal and Kilowog on the edge of the galaxy, fighting these new Red Lanterns.

— Geoff Johns let it leak that Larfleeze will appear in season one of the Green Lantern animated series.

— The Green lantern animated series will focus on the Red Lanterns like Atrocitus and Breeze quite a bit.

—  The GL animated series will be overseen by fan favorite Bruce Timm.

Green Lantern DCnU— There will also be comic book tie-in to the show that Bruce Timm is heavily involved in as well.

— Geoff Johns on the GL movie:  “My favorite thing about the movie is that it did introduce the character to a lot of people. I thought Sinestro was great and Hal had a lot of good moments. Obviously, you want it to be as big as Titanic, because you love Green Lantern. You’ve got to root for it. And I continue to root for it. I hope the character gets another film. It will be in live action again, I guarantee it.”

— Geoff Johns is also involved in a Robot Chicken DC Comics special that should be similar in tone to the loving parody of Robot Chicken’s Star Wars episodes.

— On the GL comic front: Green Lantern Corps will be very action packed…very “Call of Duty” in the beginning with crazy action sequences.

— Green Lantern Corps will be focused on Guy Gardener and John Stewart

— Don’t expect any new Green Lantern’s from Earth, but Peter Tomasi is looking to put some more female GL’s in the Corps.

Green Lantern Corps

— In Green Lantern: New Gaurdians each core sees thing differently. Kyle is a great leading character to bring them all together and DC feels that he is more dynamic than most other Green Lanterns.

— The story is an unfolding mystery as to why the rings all chose Klye.

— Be ready for opposition from new enemies called The Keepers, who were formerly the keepers of the lantern power batteries before the guardians took them.

— Green Lanten: New Gaurdians The whole first year is a big mystery about why all the rings from all the cores chose Kyle. Something big will happen on Oa.

— Larfleeze will make an appearance in New Guardians and will finally reveal the Orange Lantern Oath for the first time.

Larfreeze— Geoff Johns says, “We wanted to do a big change with the relaunch so we decided Sinestro would get the ring bck, not because he wanted it, but because he has to. Then he has to work together with Hal which changes their whole dynamic”

— More of Green Lantern mythology will start cropping up in Green Lantern #3, because Geoff Johns wants to help new readers get familiar with the series before wildly expanding on it.

— There will be a new Red Lantern from Earth

— Larfleeze is getting another special, similar to last year’s Christmas special, although there were no more details on that.

So there you have it, more brand-spankin’ new Green Lantern news and info than you could have ever wished for.  Looking forward to what DC has in store for the series?  Feel free to leave a comment below, and tell us what you liked or disliked.  Keep checking in here at Comic Booked for all of the latest breaking NYCC news!


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  1. Troy Dreiling 10/14/2011 at 5:07 pm

    That is some cool Green Lantern news. Great article!

  2. Eric Scroggs 10/15/2011 at 12:14 am

    Sounds like another good year for Green Lantern!

  3. Lacee Jean 10/15/2011 at 7:27 am

    Wonderful Green Lantern coverage!!!!! Yes, it will be another great GL year!

  4. Michael Wirth 10/16/2011 at 11:35 am

    So the new animated series will featured both the Red Lanterns AND Larfleeze? Yes, I'll be watching it, hoping against hope that Dex-Starr will be involved somehow.

  5. The Nerd 10/19/2011 at 4:34 am

    Proof that Green Lantern is still cool in the comics

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