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NYCC: A Look at the Marvel Announcements

Kelly Cassidy 10/14/2013 Reviews

Now that New York Comic Con is over, Marvel has made a number of announcements of books that will make their appearance in the new year as part of its All-New Marvel NOW! launch. We’re going to see a number of books make an appearance as part of the event, including a number of new first issues!

Let’s take a look at the summary of what we can expect.


Image courtesy of Marvel.com

Frank Castle returns to his own book in The Punisher, by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads. In the new series, Frank leaves the confines of New York and heads to Los Angeles where the same type of crime exists but there’s no one there to take care of business. We’re currently seeing Frank on trial so what happens to make him move to the west coast is an unknown right now – but the team behind the book promises to answer that early on in the story arc!

New Warriors

Image courtesy of Marvel.com

One of my favorite Marvel team books of all times returns in a new series with several of the original members: The New Warriors! We’ve seen the teaser of the team coming back together in the pages of Nova, and the heroes who reached out to young Sam Alexander – Speedball and Justice – return with Sam in tow to form a new team, which also includes the Scarlet Spider (a one-time Warrior himself), Hummingbird (also from the recent Scarlet Spider series), and Sun Girl! The story is written by Christopher Yost with art by Marcus To.

Superior Spider-Man

Image courtesy of Marvel.com

One of the books to not get a relaunch is Superior Spider-Man which instead launches a new story arc as of #27, written by Superior scribe Dan Slott. With this issue we get the launch of “Goblin Nation”, which just sounds like there’s gonna be some hell to pay, and we can expect some gorgeous visuals from artist Giuseppe Camuncoli as well!

It’s a relatively new series already, but Carol Danvers is getting an even newer version of her series in a brand new Captain Marvel series from current scribe Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist David Lopez, with the series slated for March 2014.

Silver Surfer

Image courtesy of Marvel.com

One of the more exciting announcements came with the news that Dan Slott is teaming up with artist extraordinaire Mike Allred to bring our favorite metallic waverider back to print in an all-new Silver Surfer series! In my opinion, Allred’s style is going to be perfect for this series, and after seeing what Slott has done to surprise me in the pages of Superior Spider-Man over the last year I am definitely looking forward to this series!

Ghost Rider

Image courtesy of Marvel.com

Another Marvel character who hasn’t had a proper spotlight in a bit (in this case, a year or two) is Ghost Rider. Although some like me are old-school nostalgic, I thik we can bring the series back without Johnny Blaze, and that’s what is happening here with an all-new host for the Spirit of Vengeance. Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore bring the new Rider back to us in 2014!

Iron Patriot

Image courtesy of Marvel.com

Continuing on from his appearances in recent issues of Secret Avengers, James Rhodes returns within the metal suit in the pages of Iron Patriot by writer Ales Kot and artist Garry Brown. The character of Iron Patriot needs some good press after being held by Norman Osborn in the past, and Rhodey – a former Iron Man and War Machine – is just the guy to do it! I am going to really give this one a shot due to Ales Kot being involved and we’ll have to see what happens!

Secret Avengers

Image courtesy of Marvel.com

And speaking of Secret Avengers, Ales Kot isn’t done with them as he has Spider-Woman join the team. Michael Walsh helps bring the visuals to this title as they relaunch the book – again – with a new #1 issue to make it all happen. The team still has mainstays of Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury Jr. and Phil Coulson as part of it… but for this reader- where’s Mockingbird?? And if you look at the cover image, the character in the background brings back the SHIELD stories from the 70s for me…


Image courtesy of Marvel.com

Thunderbolts is getting a refresh, but not a reboot, as the team gets shifted up. Current scribe Charles Soule continues with the title but welcomes artist Carlo Barberi to bring a new team and some changes to the current status quo! Yes, Ghost Rider joins the team… and now I get the nostalgic feeling as it’s the Johnny Blaze Ghose Rider! What this means in terms of the new Ghost Rider series… we’ll just have to see!

Avengers World

Image courtesy of Marvel.com

Nick Spencer launches yet another Avengers-related book in the realm of Avengers World and pairs up with current Avengers mastermind Jonathan Hickman to bring a global view to the team. Stefano Caselli joins the duo on art duties, and it sounds like he’ll have his hands full with a focus on the newer members to join the team, like Shang-Chi, Cannonball and Sunspot, as well as the New Universe characters!

Black Widow

Image courtesy of Marvel.com

Natasha Romanova gets her own series this next year in the pages of Black Widow from Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto. This is going to focus much more on her espionage and spy background rather than her Avengers background, is my guess, so that should make this title a fresh take on a character and with her appearances on the big screen we can probably expect this book to pick up.

All-New X-Factor

Image courtesy of Marvel.com

Perhaps the book I am most excited about is the return of Peter David to a new yet familiar book. David will be launching All-New X-Factor and having Carmine Di Giandomenico take over the artistic duties, which focuses on long-time team mates Polaris and Quicksilver, as well as Gambit joining the team! This one is already added to my pull-list.

Avengers Undercover

Image courtesy of Marvel.com

Within the pages of Avengers Arena we new that some people survive (and I’m not going to spoil who) but with a new title called Avengers Undercover current Arena scribe Dennis Hopeless takes the survivors undercover, infiltrating the Masters of Evil! This one sounds kind of interesting…

We’ve talked a lotof the Marvel heroes, but what about those somewhat heroes somewhat something else? That’s left to the pages of Loki: Agent of Asgard. It sounds as a result that Loki will be aging once again sometime soon in Young Avengers but writer Al Ewing (who I have been exceptionally impressed with) is taking on this task with artist Lee Garbett. Loki’s never had his own ongoing series before so this is bound to be a fun book!

Brian Bendis brings two of his books together for a story arc entitled “The Trial of Jean Grey”, as the Jean from the past is put on trial (surprise, surprise, with a title like that) when the All-New X-Men meet the Guardians of the Galaxy. The universe remembers what Phoenix did as Jean, and now Jean is back… so she needs to be held accountable. (She just doesn’t get a break, as this is probably going to happen shortly after “Battle of the Atom” concludes.)

There were other books as well that were mentioned that I didn’t cover – such as Savage Wolverine and Captain America, but those books are also undergoing the All-New treatment. It’s a great day to be a Marvel fan (if you can get past the renumbering) but it sounds like they are moving in a direction that emphasizes some great stories now that they’re finishing up their epic events… for now, at least.

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  1. jeffhillwriter 10/14/2013 at 11:02 pm

    A lot of these actually interest me quite a bit. And this is from the guy who writes the column "Make Mine Marvel Again." Hopefully this is the answer to that call for action.

  2. Julien_Loeper 10/14/2013 at 11:22 pm

    Question: What does the background image mean on the cover of Secret Avengers? Is it Venom? or some other character?

    • jeffhillwriter 10/15/2013 at 1:11 am

      MODOK symbiote maybe?

    • Aaron Clutter 10/15/2013 at 11:43 am

      Almost looks like MODOK superimposed over a modified Hydra symbol, more like a spider… hmmmm. Spydra?

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