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NYCC 2012 – The Future of Valiant

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Hunter Gorinson, the Marketing & Communications Manager  from Valiant Entertainment led a panel with many of the creators behind their amazingly successful relaunch of the Valiant Comics universe this past summer and talked about where their Comics Universe will be going in the coming months. Writers for three of the company’s five current titles (Shadowman bowing this November 7th), Valiant’s Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasni, and Executive Editor  Warren Simons were all on hand to talk with a large group of fans about what we can expect to see in 2013.

Leading things off, Dinesh and Hunter gave a lucky fan an advance ashcan of the new Shadowman #1, by Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher (making this writer very jealous.) Luckily for fans, Valiant is providing all fans a 6 page preview at their booth here at New York Comic Con. Like the four existing series, this new title will draw on the original series and feature Jack Boniface as the main Shadowman for the 21st Century. It’s important to note that Jack won’t be the first Shadowman we meet in the book though. Warren Simons explained how this new title will explore areas of the Valiant Universe that we haven’t gotten to see before, “a dark corner that has the potential to overwhelm the rest of it”  and what it means to be a Shadowman in the Valiant Universe. An interesting thing about this series, is that while the core of the story will be based on the classic Valiant, it also draws on the Acclaim version more than any of the other current series to date, most notably by featuring the Deadside, which is where the Acclaim video game series took place, and featured prominently in the Garth Ennis Acclaim series. It was also announced earlier that J. Michael Straczynski will be writing a new Shadowman movie

Here is a preview of the amazing covers for Shadowman 1 & 2 by Patrick Zircher and Dave Johnson





















Archer & Armstrong will continue to be a globe hopping and time hopping series, even more so as Gilad Anni-Padda, the Eternal Warrior,  is introduced in issue 5. Series writer Fred Van Lente shared his thoughts on the character, comparing him to Jason Bourne meets Highlander. He’s a killer who gets the job done, and things are going to get interesting when his job is to kill one Obadiah Archer. The Sect, the global secret society made up of several factions (The Dominion, The 1%, Ninja Nuns, Nazi Buddhists) will become a more dangerous and scary presence in the series as we begin to find out more about them. Another Valiant Universe staple, the Geomancer will be re-introduced in issue 6. This will be a new Geomancer. As far as I can tell it’s a woman, not a new Geoff McHenry.

Here’s a look at some of the covers for Archer & Armstrong 5 & 6 plus a page of issue 5, including Patrick Zircher’s Eternal Warrior variant covers.





















The spirit continues to rise for Bloodshot. The first arc of the series focused on exploring what Bloodshot is, but not who he is. That will begin to change in the next arc, The Rise and the Fall. from series writer Duane Swierczynski and penciler Manuel Garcia. An action packed story arc, The Rise and Fall will also feature Chainsaw (see character designs below), a monstrous cadre of killers, and these do not look like guys you want to mess with, even if you have a bloodstream full of nanomachines that can repair you from any damage. After that, we will get a look at what Bloodshot’s job was with Project Rising Spirit in issue 7, which will be titled Harbinger Hunter. Issue 7 will have art by Matthew Clark.










X-O Manowar, the series that started the relaunch back in May, continues its epic run with a new story arc titled Planet Death. The story will begin in the Prelude to Planet Death in X-O Manowar 9&10, which will feature guest artist Trevor Hairsine. Eisner Award winner Cary Nord returns to X-O for the Planet Death arc running thru X-O Manowar 11-14. The Vine want the X-O Armor back, and they have come to Earth to get it. Aric will find himself fighting the most vicious and destructive force he has ever had to face. After this, Aric is as driven as the Visigoths were to sack Rome in the 5th Century, by taking the battle to the Vine homeworld.  This story arc will introduce the Vine’s, and he’ll be facing their second most powerful weapon, the X-O Commando Armor.



















Writer Joshua Dysart was on the panel, but was under strict instruction to not spoil Harbinger #5 (in stores this coming Wednesday 10/17). However, he was not under any such orders to not spoil the new Bruce Willis film, ​Looper,​ which most of the audience had not yet seen. Harbinger 5 promises to be a can’t miss, must read issue as the opening chapter of Peter Stanchek’s story comes to it’s inevitable conclusion with Peter vs. Harada in the main event.

The second story arc, Renegades will be picking up the pieces, and introduce several new characters and fans of the classic Valiant stories will recognize the names their names, Torque, Flamingo and (the prviously introduced) Zephyr, a/k/a Faith, along with Kris Williams. Beginning with issues 6 through 10, each issue will focus on a different character, starting with Kris, and will feature art by​Phil Briones.

Dysart will be also joined by Valiant Cover artist Mico Suayan to tell the full origin of Toyo Harada in Harbinger #0 this February.






















Have you read Quantum and Woody?  One of the  best series to come out of the later Valiant years in the 90’s by Christopher Priest and Mark Bright. Valiant Entertainment is making the entire 29 issue run available on Comixology on October 24th, with the first issue free.

Could this also signal that Valiant is considering the duo for the next revival?

Stay turned to Comicbooked for all the Valiant news as it happens.




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