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NYCC 2012 – Superman New 52

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2013 will celebrate a huge milestone for the Man of Steel, with June marking the 75th anniversary of Superman‘s first appearance back in 1938.

DC has big plans for the Man of Tomorrow in 2013, starting with the first major crossover between 3 of the books in the Superman family in the upcoming H’el on Earth storyline.  On hand at this NYCC panel were Superman and Supergirl creative team members: Matt Idelson, Eddie Berganza, Mahmud Asrar, Mike Johnson. Also on the panel were Action Comics writers Grant Morrison, and Andy Diggle and incoming artist Tony Daniel  to talk about what they have in store for Superman, Superboy and Supergirl in the coming year.

Outgoing Action scribe Grant Morrison talked about his love of Superman, and how what was intended to be a 6-issue reintroduction of Kal-El to the New 52 stretched into a 17-issue run.  For the final 3 issues he talks about how things will be coming together, and how a certain 5th dimensional entity will be coming out from behind the scenes. Grant tells us that Superman will face his toughest challenge to date.

Andy Diggle spoke about following Morrison’s run (filling pretty big shoes, and skinny white jeans!), and gave those on hand a sneak peek of what to expect (see right, and check Superman 0 to find out a little about what is going on, and what is to come).  Tony Daniel, Action’s new artist, talked about how different it will be to draw a character who has a completely different style (and actually getting to draw a blue sky and the sun).

The Action Comics Annual Team was also on hand to talk about what they have in store, which includes Superman’s first New 52 run in with Kryptonite and the K-Man.

H’el on Earth is coming out of the events of the recent zero issue of Superman (by incoming Superman team, Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort) will introduce a new deadly threat to Supes.  The crossover story will be running through issues #13 – 16 in all three series, ​Superman, Supergirl, ​and ​Superboy, and will feature plenty of guest appearances by other characters.

There are also two other reasons 2013 is going to be an huge year for Superman

Scott Snyder and Jim Lee.

Coming out of a conversation at San Diego,  Jim Lee and Scott Snyder are teaming up for the first time to tell, “the biggest, most kick-ass Superman story.”  It will be  “huge and epic”, and, “game changing,” while also being “intimate” for Clark.   

That is a tall order for anyone, but Scott Snyder may be just the writer to tell such a story.

The details of the story is being kept under wraps, but we know that Snyder is writing everything, the the “as yet named” title will include back up features (also written by Snyder).

The last new Superman project discussed by the panel was the Superman: Earth One volume 2 ​hardcover, written by J. Michael Straczynski with art by Shane Davis.  Among the things to look forward to in this sequel is a new love interest for Clark/Superman (who NOT Lois Lane), and is not like anyone we have ever seen before, followed by  a conversation between Pa Kent and Clark about the birds and the bees, and the Parasite!

After the panel was completed, the floor was open to questions from the audience. The most interesting question was about continuity, and whether or not Superman had died and come back in the New 52, to which Grant Morrison quickly chimed in “Yes!”, adding that issues 15-17 will address much of the what happened during the five years between Action #1, Superman #1, and the present day New 52.

Fans of Superman will have a lot to look forward to in the coming months, and new readers will find this a great time to discover what they are missing.


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