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NYCC 2012 – How to Spend Your Paycheck: DC Collectibles Edition

David Vandervliet 10/12/2012 Reviews

It’s the end of the convention season. New York Comic Con is the last major con for the year, and the last chance for the companies to show off what they have coming up before the holiday season (and new year). DC held their panel today, showing off what we will all be spending our precious disposable income on in 2013 (besides on comics).

I have never been much of a statue person, but that may change with DC’s new line of “DC Bombshells,” a statue line featuring DC’s most famous female characters in the style of World War II bomber pinup and rockabilly girls.  I have to say, what I have seen is just amazing.  With designs by Ant Lucia, who specializes in pinup style art featuring a sci-fi/horror/comic book twist, these look like some “must have” statues for anyone who is a fan of DC Women, pinup art, or just beautiful statues.  So far Wonder Woman (at right) and Supergirl (see below) have been announced, and each statue will stand about 12” in height. Wonder Woman will be in stores this March.

Other statues that DC has planned for the near future are new additions to the Batman Black & White Line, its new companion line of Superman Statues.  The Batman line will included a Sean “Cheeks” Galloway piece and a new Frank Miller Batman piece (See below).

Like the Batman line, the Superman line is designed by some of the biggest creators in comics, like Jim Lee’s New 52 Superman, Frank Miller’s version from The Dark Knight Returns, and Lee Bermejo’s dynamic classic Superman (at left).  Unlike the Batman line, each of these will have a bright colorful metallic finish.  A new statue will be released each month, alternating between the Batman and Superman lines.  Also from The Dark Knight Returns is the Batman: Call to Arms statue, with Batman riding into battle on a fiery steed (at right). You’ll need to clear a lot of space on your shelf for this one–it’s huge,and incredibly detailed.

Also coming this spring is a pretty awesome Arrow statue, based on the “already a hit” series on the CW based on Green Arrow (see below).

DC’s mature line Vertigo Comics will also start a new line of Cover Girl statues, starting with everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic representation of a universal force, ​Death, ​from Neil Gaiman’s ​Sandman (at left). ​ The statue is based of her appearance in Sandman issue 70, penciled by Michael Zulli.  The Vertigo Cover Girls Death statue will be available in February 2013.

In the Action figure department, there was not a lot of unexpected news,  Justice League fans will want to check out for a box set of all 7 new JL figures, you can pre-order now, with the set available this December. (This will get you the Superman figure before anyone else.  it is not available individually until January)  The set is retailing for about 100 bucks, which is also cheaper than buying all seven figures individually, and 10 dollars from each purpose will go to DC’s We Can Be Heroes program.  The Justicce League line will continue into 2013, with the next figure in the line will be ​Green Arrow.  The Batman: Arkham City Action Figures Series 4 – includes Batman, Nightwing, and Talia (see below); based on the best-selling videogame, is on the way.  Besides the already announced figures in this wave, there is a fourth figure yet to be revealed, it will be revealed on October 31, on DC Collectibles’ Facebook page.

At NYCC, DC had a couple of exclusive available to con-goers, a Green Lantern two pack,  featuring John Stewart and Atrocitus (in 3 3/4″ scale) similar to the SDCC exclusive that had Kyle Rayner and Kilowog.  Also available is Aardman Batman, based on the DC Nation shorts on Cartoon Network.

Anyway you look at it, DC has lots of great ways to part you from your money in the coming year.






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