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NYCC 2012: Curicon Giveaway at Launch!

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Curicon will be launching a no-fee marketplace for collectors at NYCC 2012, and celebrating with a matching free giveaway! Touted as “a world built by collectors for collectors,” the Curicon website seems poised to make a big splash in the collecting community. Here’s some vital info about their project and how to join in the fun with them at NYCC 2012:


Curicon Logo

Curicon is thrilled to announce the launch of the no-fee social marketplace for collectors. The new online marketplace has been designed with collectors in mind and will match buyers with sellers using the site’s central library system, containing over 229,000 collectibles.




To mark the launch of the no-fee online marketplace, Curicon will be at Booth #102 for the entire weekend of New York Comic Con, giving away free New York Comic Con Exclusive collectible Curicon cards to anybody who plays and wins our simple trivia game.


There are only 2,000 Exclusive Curicon NYCCC 2012 cards in existence and they will be limited to one per person, on a first-come-first-served basis. The Curicon cards are made from brushed aluminium steel and they are the first Curicon card made exclusively for a convention.


Over the course of the weekend, we will have special guests dropping by the booth and some awesome new comics to give away.

It is completely free to sell your collectibles on Curicon. You can sign up for an invitation to sell on Curicon here.


You can follow the Curicon team on their blog, Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and G+


Vendors abound at comic cons, and so does the free swag! Their trivia doesn’t sound too challenging, but it could still be a good chance to show off in front off the right people! Who knows, their handouts might become collectibles themselves one day, so don’t miss out! If you want a little more convincing, check our interview with their founder and CEO Matt Byrne!

The online collecting world has flourished despite worldwide economic woes, a testament to the devoted and loyal fanbases. We have even MORE comments from Matt Byrne about this unique community and his vision for it:

It’s really simple. Potential buyers can create a wish list of items they want from the central Curicon library and they’ll receive an alert the instant an item on their personal wish list is listed for sale.


As collectors ourselves we recognise that a lot of the platforms currently utilised by collectors fall far short of the mark, especially in terms of user experience. They also operate in such a way that a lot of potential transactions don’t take place simply because neither buyer or seller has been made aware of the opportunity that exists, that is to say, that one person is looking for an item and another is willing to sell. Sellers can list for free on Curicon so 100% of the profits go to the seller.


Curicon users are hard-core collectors. They are the people who queue outside the theatre the night before the release of Spiderman to make sure they’re first in line. They are the people whose favourite day of the week is Wednesday because that means New Comic Book Day and they are the people to whom Kevin Smith and Stan Lee are demi-Gods. We’re collectors ourselves so we know that this type of marketplace has been missing from the collectibles market for quite some time and we’re truly excited to be the ones to build it.




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