Apparently Wizard Magazine has decided to cease its print magazine and deliver a digital only version. This is good news in at least we will still have a version containing their irreverent humor and comic book news. However, many new converts will be lost without being able to hold something physically in their hands.
First things first: my BFF Vic got me into comics. But he wouldn’t have if he’d never brought his copy of Wizard with him to school one day. I don’t remember who was on the cover of that certain issue, but it looked pretty freaking sweet. So I sat in 10th grade Geometry class, and instead of working out proofs I flipped through Wizard. I had a basic knowledge of characters like most people, but now I wanted to know more. “Who is this Jim Lee,” I asked my buddy. “What is this Age of Apocalypse going to be about?” I was hooked. I wanted to delve into the immense world of comics, and I now had a handy guide.
Wizard was great for someone who had no idea where to start or what to buy. You could read through an issue and get reviews, news, current trends, etc. We’d compare their top ten to what we ourselves owned. They’d always have a greatest moments in comics list that was vital in advancing one’s comic book knowledge, and of course making for great debate amongst friends.
Yes, they will still have much of this online. But you won’t be able to share it like I’ve been able to. You can still share a link or “like” an article on Facebook. But you won’t be able to browse a whole issue in class. You won’t be able to give your laptop or phone to a friend while they look online for hours. Computers are a solo venture. So for those of us already in the game, things will go on. But we will never know how many people will never get the chance to ignore their Geometry teacher by looking at comic books, if only because there were no comic books to share.
I still read Wizard every month, and I’m bummed that it won’t be around anymore. I’d read it at work and then pass it off to a coworker. It’s that camaraderie that will be missed. So thank you Vic, for bringing your comic book magazine to class. And thank you Wizard for being much more interesting than school ever was.

—–Article by guest writer “Big Bad Scottie Turbo Train”