In the current series Nightwing finds himself where he started as a child. Haly’s Circus, It was left to him by the murdered owner Haly. Now he finds himself in charge of where he trained as a boy acrobat performer and worked with his family, the once sensational “Flying Graysons“. Till the tragic day his parents and brother fell to their deaths during a trapeze act right in front of him. That was when Dick Grayson was taken in by Bruce Wayne, the Batman and trained to be Robin and grew up to be Nightwing.


With winter closing in, Haly’s Circus hits New Orleans! But as Dick Grayson gets closer in his search for answers about the mystery of the circus, it’s not just the temperature that heats up. And just how does a voodoo ritual gone bad factor in? Find out as Nightwing takes the Big Easy!

This was the first issue I’ve picked up since the start of the series and I found myself amazed at how much has changed in just five issues. Nightwing’s identity was discovered by a villain, Haly was killed, and despite having a son he left everything to Dick Grayson? And this mystery about what Haly’s Circus really is? I was hooked. Kyle Higgins does a great job of informing you about what you missed in the previous issues, I really felt like I didn’t even have to go back and read the others to get on board. More importantly he made me want to. A lot of cool stuff seemed to have happened.

Nightwing Into action on his motorcycleAlthough it’s a thought narrative at first that catches you up, the visuals really keep you interested. A person like Nightwing can make the simplest task (for him) like jumping a motorcycle into a moving train look interesting. Eddy Barrows illustrates the action remarkably, I enjoy how he shows you not only what Nightwing is doing but in most cases the step by step of how he is doing it. You can then see it play out  in your mind.

The main story for the issue is, a demon summoned by what appears to be a crazy voodoo ex-girlfriend of a Haly’s clown performer named Jimmy, seeks him out and kidnaps him for her in order to be eternally bound against his will. I wasn’t too fond of this hokey mad love concept, however I am surprised at the details that made it more interesting to me, I found myself wanting more answers, but didn’t get them. Who was this girl? Will Jimmy’s part in this be explored in the future? I actually hope so. I wouldn’t mind seeing the rhyming demon come back for a second crack at Nightwing. It’s always great to see someone in the Batman family up against something so overpowering, as was the case with this supernatural being.

Nightwing third wheel on some voodoo loveThe side stories that have been playing out over the arc are what will really have you wanting to look up some back issues. (Thank goodness we’re only on issue five!) I want to know more about Raya, her and Dick had a flirtatious past but you don’t see much of that in this issue, something happened when he was visited by Barbara Gordon (Batgirl). I also wonder how everyone else is taking to Dick inheriting the circus, the only interaction you get in this issue is with Jimmy and Raya, you only get a passing note that Haly’s son isn’t happy about it. And finally what is it about this mystery? A book of names is discovered, dug up from the center ring, and Dick’s name is on it. Little has obviously resulted from his investigation so far but by Issue’s end you’ll find yourself looking into the Haly Circus past yourself, the very root of everything Nightwing is comes in question.

My conclusion is that though this issue left you with more questions than answers, it was a good read and only served to whet your appetite for what the title has to offer. I’d say pick it up and see what it does for you. The ending alone has me really anticipating the next issue.