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Nicole Sixx Reviews Dark Horse – Day Two: Star Wars Friday

Nicole Sixx 09/10/2011 Reviews

So every Friday Dark Horse Comics brings a little dose of the Force to our happy lives and as such I thought today would be the perfect day to read and review my trio of Star Wars titles. By the way, I received more exquisite Star Wars Comic goodness in my inbox today beside many other great Dark Horse titles, so next Star Wars Friday? Same thing. – N





Dark Horse Star Wars Comics


Part two of a five issue tale, STAR WARS: DARK TIMES—OUT OF THE WILDERNESS #2 starts right away in the most pure of starting points, a beautiful desert sunrise with are by Douglas Wheatley.

The first several panels are solely art, no words. One of the most important things that separates writing comics from all other forms of writing is the ability to let the art tell the story. Mick Harrison and Douglas Wheatley execute this perfectly, throughout STAR WARS: DARK TIMES—OUT OF THE WILDERNESS #2, thus weaving a very emotive tale worthy of the Star Wars universe.


Another interesting part of the issue I enjoyed was the Emperor’s discussion with Vader. Fans of The Emperor, and yes Cousin Matt and I are fans thanks to Robot Chicken and our love if his final battle, will be most impressed with the accuracy of his speaking patterns and magnificently arted facial expressions.

There is also a very amusing and talkative droid.


Star Wars Preview Page

Star Wars comics preview page

Dark Horse Star Wars pic

Star Wars comic book preview

Overall Assessment: Perfect for fans of the original trilogy. I would very much like to see where it is going myself.





Star Wars Invasion Cover

The moment I see my pal Tom Taylor’s name on anything I know it’s guaranteed to be a good read. The moment I see that beautiful hand painted cover art, I know Chris Scalf agrees.

Always action packed, Taylor kicks STAR WARS: INVASION—REVELATIONS #3 off in the middle of multiple crisis for the main cast. Particularly of note, one crisis of a family nature. Taylor excels at creating realistic family units in high-octane situations and this issue is no exception.

There is also a humorous and  talkative droid.
Colin Wilson’s art style is very elegant. Giving a complementary style of royalty and  swagger to all characters which is well-matched with Taylor’s knack for cutting lines.

I also enjoyed the giant old-school sound effect cues. Inescapably bold, and inescapably fun.


Star Wars Invasion Preview

Dark Horse Invasion Star Wars

Preview Star Wars Comics

Dark Horse Star Wars Comic Book


Overall Assessment: Perfect for fans who loved that Han Solo/Chewie/Leia attitude and/or the animated Clone Wars series. Also can’t hurt if you’re a fan of Batman or James Bond.




The Old Republic Comic Cover

Right away before the text even loaded I was drawn in by the violent gray sky and red laser fire against blue saber. I scrolled down to see the grim expression on the Jedi’s face and we were inside.
STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC—THE LOST SUNS #4 is the second to last issue and starts off with that feel of the calm before the storm. Things are wrapping up, confessions are being made. The sort of loosening up you can only give when you assume it’s over. I’m only on page four as I type this into my notepad, but that cutting look drawn into Theron’s eye by the art team of Dave Ross, George Freeman, and Mark McKenna tells me it’s not.

I think having a three person art team for a comic inspired from a video game is genius, and certainly help aids to the feel. Michael Atiyeh lends his colors to this style perfectly and the final result is uniquely theirs.
Alexander Freed’s writing is also unique to this fusion of video game and comic. There are a lot of monologues, delivering that video game feel of watching the characters select their words, but in the natural flowing sense of a comic.


SWTOR comics preview

old republic comic page

dark horse old republic

the old republic dark horse comic

comics preview old republic

Star Wars comic books


Overall Assessment: Perfect for fans of the game and/or Star Wars history.

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