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The return of Comic Booked news

The return of Comic Booked news!

Hello, everyone!  It is my pleasure as the Chief Creative Officer to announce the dawn of a new age here at Comic Booked…  Or, rather, the dawn of an older idea from a past age that is coming forward into the [...]

May 19, 2015 News
comics you want

Comics You Want: May 20, 2015

We have the new list of comics you want coming out May 20, 2015. There are some interesting new titles, as well as some old standards. DC continues their Convergence as this week the good guys are separated from the [...]

May 18, 2015 News
comics you want

New Comic List: May 13, 2015

Another week of new comics. Take a look at this list and see if you can find something that you like. Convergence continues at DC and Secret Wars continues from the end of all Marvel universes. Some great looking new [...]

May 11, 2015 News

The Disciples From Black Mask Studios To Be SyFy TV Show

We love Steve Niles here at Comic Booked and to see him team up with horror master Wes Craven is more than awesome. Check out the press release from Black Mask Studios. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, horror maestros Wes Craven [...]

May 8, 2015 News
superhero lairs

Infographic: Superhero Lairs

Our good friends over at Terry’s Fabrics have given us an awesome infographic. Check this out and learn how to turn your room into a superhero lair. We do not guarantee that you will actually be able to do any [...]

May 7, 2015 News
Kibbles and Bits New and Rumors

Kibbles and Bits: Indiana Jones, Supergirl, and Ant-Man

News Kibbles and Bits: A Comic Booked Quickie We’re on it! Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy recently announced that they will be working on a new Indiana Jones film. That’s about where the “news” part of this ends. Everyone speculated that [...]

May 7, 2015 News
May the Fourth

Comic List This Is. May The Fourth Be With You.

So, with Josh Trank parting with the new Star Wars spin-off, this may not be the best May the Fourth for many of you. But, there is at least one good Star Wars thing this week, Kanan The Last Padawan [...]

May 4, 2015 News

Avenge Your Hunger On Free Comic Book Day!

Win FREE STUFF! With today being Free Comic Book Day, you probably stood in line for hours to get those awesome free comics. What if you could get a whole case of snacks to quench that hunger you now feel? [...]

May 2, 2015 News
new comic

Here Come The Funny Books: April 27, 2015

Here come the funny books! Of course, in this day and age of totally desensitized people, there are not a lot of books out there that are really funny any more. So much is about the shock value and the [...]

April 27, 2015 News
The “Joker” Photo

The “Joker” Photo

Hopefully, the WB is joking. Suicide Squad is the upcoming film in which many of the well-known DC villains will take part in some kind of mission, but it is perhaps most well known for having a new take of [...]

April 27, 2015 News
dark knight 3

Frank Miller Writes New Batman Book

So everybody here’s the big news coming from DC this week, which has been hinted at for a long time now, coming only as a bit of a rumor mill piece that I don’t think anybody took seriously for quite [...]

April 25, 2015 News
new comic

Freakin’ List O’ Comics: This Week With Extra Sideboob!

This week, we take a look at the list of the new comics coming out for April 22, 2015. But you guys are really just here for the sideboob, right? You have to wait till the end. Good things come [...]

April 20, 2015 News
fantastic four

New Fantastic Four Official Trailer

I know, I know –  we’ve all been busy with all Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice that dropped in the last week. But Fox is here to remind you of their next next [...]

April 20, 2015 News

Squeaky Mouse Droid #3: Open the Blast Doors!

Squeaky Mouse Droid Episode 3: Open the Blast Doors! Open the Blast Doors! There are already people waiting on a line. Not the internet: they are waiting on an actual line! Not for the movie, not yet; they are waiting [...]

April 16, 2015 Features, News
new comic

My Big Fat Comic Book List: April 15, 2015

In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of comics… Oh, who am I kidding, we think about comics all the time. And you ladies out there, too. Comics are always on our minds, especially with the [...]

April 13, 2015 News

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