Monday 30th March 2015,
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The Dawn Of The Planet Of The New Comics List: April 1, 2015

With the upcoming announcement that all comic books will now be moving digital in a last ditch effort to save the planet’s rainforests, this may well be the last new comic list. All future lists will be beamed directly into [...]

March 30, 2015 News

Twitter Time: Deadpool Exposed!

We all want Ryan Reynolds to be Deadpool, the real Deadpool and not some mouth-stitched-up sword-arm-having reject from the Mortal Kombat franchise… And it now looks official. Check out this picture just posted up on Ryan’s Twitter feed. [...]

March 27, 2015 News
called comics

What Are These Things Called Comics? March 25, 2015

I heard some profound news this week. There are these things, paper and staples and ink, that people buy, take home, and read for entertainment. Can you believe this? I just find it amazing that people actually still read things [...]

March 23, 2015 News
Colin K. Bass Nightwing

Young Justice: Abduction Finale Teaser

Young Justice: Abduction is back with a never before released teaser for their season one finale. Young Justice: Abduction tells the story of sidekicks coming together to solve the mystery of where their mentors went and protect Earth in the [...]

March 22, 2015 News

DC Cancels Batgirl #41 Variant Cover

After days of controversy, this week DC announced it would pull the variant cover of Batgirl #41. Slated for a June release and illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque, the variant cover referenced Alan Moore’s 1988 The Killing Joke as part of [...]

March 17, 2015 News
called comics

Look At The New Comics: March 18, 2015

Thank you for returning here each week to get all the latest new comics releases. I try my best to bring you a comprehensive list of everything that releases each Wednesday so that you can run out and spend your [...]

March 16, 2015 News
called comics

New Comics List: March 11, 2015

Welcome to the new comics list for the week of March 11, 2015. There are comics coming out on Wednesday and they will be in stores for you to purchase. Does that excite you? Tell me about your mother… This [...]

March 9, 2015 News

International Women’s Day

March 3rd as some of you may be aware is International Women’s Day. In honor of the day, I just wanted to remind you all to think about just a few of the fabulous females that create your favorite fables! As [...]

March 8, 2015 News

“Supergirl” In Costume

CBS has revealed television’s Melissa Benoist in her Supergirl costume………. Quite dark & nothing like the current comic book version other than the thigh highs. I think that I personally would like to see yellowin the “S” shield. It may [...]

March 7, 2015 News
comic releases

New Comic Releases: March 4th, 2015

Welcome to the new comic releases for the week of March 4th, 2015. So far this month has come in like a lion, at least for those of us on the East Coast, so we can only hope that the [...]

March 2, 2015 News

CBS Adds A New Character To “Supergirl”

CBS’s “Supergirl” series has added a well comic book character to its cast. According to Variety, Calista Flockhart of “Ally McBeal” & more recently “Brothers & Sisters” will play Cat Grant, “a self-made media magnate and founder of CatCo” where Kara (Supergirl) [...]

February 24, 2015 News
comic list

, New Comic List: February 18, 2015

Lots of new comics this week. Some sad endings, like the critically acclaimed She-Hulk from Marvel. Some premieres, too, like Secret Identities #1 from Image or Stray #1 from Action Lab Entertainment. There is bound to be something that you [...]

February 16, 2015 News
spider-man civil war

At Last: Spider-Man to Become Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Though there was always hope in the fan community that Marvel studios would regain Marvel comic’s flagship character, Spider-Man, there seemed (at least up until recently) little chance that it would actually happen. Over a decade ago, Marvel sold the [...]

February 10, 2015 News
comic list

New Comic List: February 11, 2015

Another week and another futile attempt to read every single comic book published by all companies. I sure hope that you find something on this list that you love and can really enjoy reading. This is what comic books should [...]

February 9, 2015 News
New 52 Pickup

New 52 Pick-Up: DC Comics changes things up a bit

Straight from the (web)pages of, this epic story just dropped in our laps.  And this lifelong DC fan couldn’t be happier!  Some changes, some new titles, some new books, and some long-awaited ongoings (and miniseries) will finally be gracing [...]

February 6, 2015 News