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New York Comic Con: A Personal Journey in Parts

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The following is a small account of my own personal experience before, during, and after the con. They are also written with more of a blog type style. Are you like me and love the convention circuit? Are you also like me and just like to watch? I am blessed to have gone to three major shows this year and am already making plans for my first one next year, where I might even dress up.


The original postings shall be dated for convenience and a sense of time so things aren’t all wibbly-wobbly.  Enjoy my thoughts


Getting Ready for NYCC

Posted: 10/1/2012 8:31:48 PM

or How much money can I bring this time?

I have a few weeks before this major event comes around. This will also be the first time that I went to three major comic book conventions in one year. I wonder if I can make it four. I know over in Seattle they have the Emerald City Comic Con in March and with Gerry Conway making his appearance over there, I would have a great opportunity to add his signature to my ASM #129.

I want to hand over two books to Classics Incorporated while I am there, as well as pick up the few books I ordered from World Wide Comics, who will also be in attendance.  I want to give CGC ten books for their signature series, half of which I hope will retain my 9.8 grade, while the other half will be my own books, not caring what grade they get.

Either way, once again I plan on spending an obscene amount of money, so maybe I am lucky I have been losing the auctions I’ve been bidding in. I have a list currently ready, but have to make an additional list of comic books I want to read, the main hassle will be transporting them between cities.

Other than the San Diego Comic Con, which I hear is awesome time after time, are there any conventions anyone else can recommend? Do you like the NYCC? Or do you find it overrated?

Cracking for the NYCC

Posted: 10/11/2012 3:16:58 AM 

or What am I??? Freaking Crazy???

It’s safe to say I am almost done with my New Mutants collection (*this does not include the Marvel Graphic Novel #4 which I currently have in a 9.4). The two that I need to complete the full set are not yet out there. I had so much fun trying to complete the set that I needed something else to collect, and it took me a while to pick what I wanted. However, that hasn’t stopped me from upgrading to a signature series copy when I can. I have purchased a few of these signed from those that are the most readily available by Rob Liefeld and Bill Sinkiewicz to some of the obscure like Art Adams and Sal Buscema.

Then, that didn’t seem to be enough. I decided to purchase other copies to get signed and still keep my 9.8 status on my books. Recently I decided to just risk it. I have given a few to have signed by Sal Buscema again, issue #15 of course and for this weekend at NYCC I cracked open my first three books from their slabs. I opened issue #9, #19, and #22 for multiple signatures.


I have seen CGC crack a few of these and have witnessed other dealers, but never have I thought I would do it myself. Another issue I was planning on cracking was #39 but under closer examination I feel that the 9.8 status this book has might have been a mistake. After making the judgment call and sitting at a local diner, I asked myself if I was crazy. I already had Matt Nelson volunteer to crack open the slabs but I wanted to get them ready. RonnyLama, a fellow CGC Registry member, comic book collector, and friend has touched on what I feel is the best process.

Either way, if you’re cracking open books, it is easier than it seems; just be confident and remember the days of dissecting frogs in high school. Same thing, just no smell.


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