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All New X-Factor #1 Debuts From Marvel

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This announcement contains some spoilers and review for All New X-Factor #1 –

The first new comic day of the new year features an all new series from Marvel! So just how new is All New X-Factor? Despite literally being called All New, the title X-Factor is of course a long storied one, with a series of the same name having just recently come to a satisfying conclusion. In the past the title has reunited the original X-Men, featured government operative mutants, been a mutant specialty detective agency, and this time around the team will serve the interests of Serval Industries, a supposedly benevolent corporation that “specializes in helping people.” Obviously there will be much more on that later in the series. Previously the title had reached 262 issues, but the trend of renumbering caught up to it eventually. It almost makes you question how new of a book it really is, or any re-launched book for that matter, when every tweak of the concept or lineup requires a reboot, but it’s also easy to look at it as a “have your cake and eat it too” scenario, especially the way this transition is handled. Serval has simply bought the rights to the name X-Factor, and it’s nice to imagine Jamie Madrox investing the money back into his farm and new family life. That makes it a pretty painless transition, as does knowing that Peter David, the writer who built this title into what many of us know it as now, is still in charge. He’s brought back team mainstays Polaris and Quicksilver, so I guess what’s old is new again, not that you’ll hear a lot of complaining about that particular aspect. With the corporation and team name already in place, Gambit enters issue #1 as the fish out of water character who we see this fictional world through, as leader Polaris recruits him to the team. He’s too attached to the thieves’ life to be of much use to Wolverine and his X-Men right now, so despite his misgivings and rightful suspicions he’s immediately on board for their first mission. Experimentation on abducted mutants is not unheard of, but it’s also unacceptable, especially under such brutal conditions, and especially by what appears to be a rival corporation. The first issue ends as Polaris, Gambit and Quicksilver smash their way in to rescue/steal Fatale, and a new-ish series from Marvel successfully debuts!

All New X-Factor #1

My rating: 4/5 – It’s told through a number of story conventions that any fan of the medium will recognize, but it’s a nice mix of them with a fresh coat of distinct paint. Most fans of mutants should get a kick out of All New X-Factor #1.

To hear more about All New X-Factor #1, make sure to tune in to the All About X-Men Comics Podcast! To follow Days of the Future Past movie news, stay up to date with our companion site Screen Rebellion.

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