So maybe you’re not all thrilled about the new version of Wonder Woman, but for those cosplayers that are and want the new get up, here is some information for you!  You can get your costume right on ebay and be the first to cosplay it before anyone else.  Thought I’d get it out there =)  With some photos of course.

Details below:


This is a complete hand made WONDER WOMAN COSTUME new version from the up coming movie. ARMOR  PLATE ,PANTS, BOOTS ,NECK AND SHOULDER PADS -GLADIATOR STYLE with TIARA AND GAUNTLETS BRACELETS,BELT.Belt is an inspiration diferent  from the original version. The auction is for the complete set . ARMOR BODY Is made from a manequin PVC material and cut it with classic TOP design.

The curviture of the RIB CAGE is real small so the ARMOR will fit perfect for a very small and slim girl.I suggest to glue inside those boobie bra pads to avoid a direct contact with the PVC plastic. Painted in BURGUNDIE RED SPRAY.EAGLE chest is made in foam and covered in GOLD PAINT .Gauntlets and part of tiara are made in aluminium sheets .

Gaunlets have Natural look of aluminium and a detail of gold string to make it stylish. Foam inside for confy wear.Belt is made in compresed cardboard and a gold band ,the size of this belt is fit perfect for a girl of size 32.Velcro closure in the back.Metallic-Shiny blue pants (leggings)are Expandex lycra S size. 10 plastic GOLD STARS are glued on both sides of the leggings.

This pants and the whole armor would fit great for a slim girl about 5,4 or 5,6 and 34 D size boobs .Boots are made from a new from bag COVER BOOTS VINYL fabric and I made the top WW logo in plastic and painted in gold.The gold line in the boot is made in 3d gold paint.

I make this costume for request also. But I only have 2 diferent TORSO bodies( SMALL AND MEDIUM size). NO LARGE SIZE LEGGINGS OR TORSOS ON STOCK!!SORRY!!!  So if you want some special request,feel free to email me and I ll see what can I do to please you.Once you bid only It will take a couples of week to complete the whole COSTUME.

MY FREE SHIPPING OFFER IS ONLY IN USA !! NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING .If you insist to bid ,any country out of USA, costumer will pay $40.00.for shipping  !!!GOOD LUCK !!!ONLY PAYPAL IS ACCEPTED.

Click here for a link to this costume!  And click here for a link to the sellers site/store so that you can see all their other stuff!

As Always, Keep your eyes where they should be, in a comic book~Smiles, Brieanna