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This week we reviewed New Warriors #1 by Chris Yost. We wanted to give this issue a read because A) Chris Yost is a good writer, B) Scarlet Spider was a good series, C) How could this series not possibly be great?

If you were a fan of Chris Yost’s Scarlet Spider series then you will love this issue. And if you love The Guardians of the Galaxy then you will love this, because this is a team of lovable misfits as well. You don’t need to have read Scarlet Spider to understand this series, but it really helps understand who Kaine and Aracely are. Another great thing is that they address what most fans nowadays associate the New Warriors with…”Civil War.” Again this is a spoiler free review so don’t worry.

The story itself was pretty good, shockingly good in fact. The team isn’t officially a team yet. This issue carries the same tone as Mighty Avengers #1. The team isn’t a team yet, but right now you’re seeing the individual members and their story. One of the only “bads” for this book is that the story seems a little jumpy. In a single page they jump around between two or three different stories in time. This isn’t that bad but this did manage to pull us out every now and then. The artist, Marcus To,  does a great in that the characters look great and the action is intense. All in all this book was very solid and we will be following it for sure.



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