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‘Bitter’ Weather Ahead for the Winter Soldier

Aaron Clutter 10/31/2013 News


The Winter Soldier may be the focus of the upcoming Marvel movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier in April 2014, but he is also the star of a new Marvel comic titled Winter Soldier: Bitter March coming in Feruary 2014. Rick Remender, the writer of Winter Soldier: Bitter March, spoke to USAToday about the series and said that, even though this series will take place in 1966, there will be major repercussions in the world of Steve Rogers.

Winter soldierAs if things haven’t been tough enough for the star-spangled Avenger. After Cap’s time in the Zola-verse, in the current run of Captain America, losing his “son” and Sharon Carter, rubbing salt in old wounds seems to be the new pattern for his life. The Winter Soldier, who we learned several years ago was really Cap’s old partner/sidekick Bucky Barnes who everyone thought was dead, returned to try to kill Captain America while attempting to retrieve the Cosmic Cube. Cap appealed Bucky to remember who he was and Bucky destroyed the cube and disappeared. Later he helps Cap, becomes Cap, helps Cap again, and becomes Cap again, before becoming the Winter Soldier once again. It seems that Bucky Barnes has changed hero monikers more times than Wolverine changes uniforms.

Winter Soldier: Bitter March promises a more indepth look at the Winter Soldier before he remembered he was Bucky. Nazi scientists (why is it always Nazis?) have some sort of formula that Hydra gets a hold of. S.H.I.E.L.D. gets wind of it and send Nick Fury and Ran Shen out to intercept the Soviet operative, Winter Soldier. All of this while Steve Rogers is still frozen in a block of ice. With a story by Rick Remender and art by Roland Beschi, this looks to be an interesting chapter in the Marvel Universe.

Check out the full article in USAToday: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/2013/10/29/winter-soldier-marvel-comics-series/3173473/

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