Earlier today, it was announced that Geoff Johns, the guy responsible for bringing Hal Jordan back to the DC universe, will be leaving the flagship title with issue #20. On DC’s blog, Johns put it quite succinctly:

[quote]So here’s the sad news: Doug Mahnke and I are closing the GREEN LANTERN SAGA that began with GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH #1 with this May’s 64-page GREEN LANTERN #20. As every storyline is coming to a head, it feels like the right time. The book is still doing great. The characters are as vibrant as ever. Let’s go out how we started – on a high note.[/quote]

Green Lantern #20We here at ComicBooked shared the news earlier today, but what we did not share at that time was some additional news for the rest of the Lantern family. Announced within the solicitations for May 2013  that DC released today, but overshadowed by Johns leaving GL, it was announced that all of the Lantern books are getting a creative overhaul. Yes, after the May releases (which is issue #20 for all 4 Lantern-based titles), we’ll no longer have Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin as the pair behind Green Lantern Corps; Tony Bedard departs as the writer of Green Lantern: New Guardians; and, Peter Milligan finishes up his tenure as the writer behind Atrocitus and the rest of the Red Lanterns.

There is no word yet on who DC has in store for these books come issue #21, but suffice to say whoever takes on this responsibility will have big shoes to fill. The Lantern team is one of the few where the creative team has been solid since the New 52 relaunch, but they have also had some of the bigger questions as to what was maintained from the previous continuity to this new one. Whether those questions will be addressed or not is an unknown at this time, but this writer personally hopes some clarity is brought forth as to what elements persisted to answer a number of lingering questions.

What are your thoughts on Johns and everyone leaving the Lantern family? Is this disaster for the character or is this going to give new creative teams a chance to shine? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.