It has been recently announced that Iron Fist will be getting his very own solo series this April.

Kaare Andrews is going to handle both the writing and the art, along with penciling, inking, and also doing the covers. One of Andrews’ most known written work is Spider-Man: Reign. He has two distinct art styles: one being very detailed and typically used for cover art, the other more cartoony and typically used as interior art. Both in which, in my opinion are beautiful. One of his most recognizable pieces is this Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe cover.

Iron Fist

The series will star Danny Rand as the Immortal Iron Fist, his first solo series since 2009. Mr. Andrews claims he wants to make this a love letter to martial arts films, but without the concern of budget. He also went on to claim he doesn’t think this series would work on TV or film, but wants to keep a cinematic feel.

Iron Fist

Kaare Andrews also talked about how for schedule sake, he will be doing his internal art digitally. Andrews says this will be the first time he has done this, but will still be doing the covers on paper which he says, “makes me feel like a real artist and not a computer program.”

This book is scheduled to be released monthly beginning in April 2014, so make sure you have it added to your pull list!

Are you interested in this new Iron Fist series?