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New From BOOM! Studios – Incorruptible # 27

Comic Booked 02/24/2012 Reviews

The creative forces at work for BOOM! Studios have put together another essential issue for one of their most prominent titles with Incorruptible # 27.  This book launches us back into the present, and begins with a Max Damage who’s firmly entrenched as the protector of Coalville.  As go most days for a typical superhero (even though we all know Max is far from typical) he can barely get his feet on the ground before yet another potentially catastrophic event calls him to duty.

Revelation has been the name of the game lately.  The four issue Redemption arc that just wrapped up gave Incorruptible readers ringside seats to a bounty of origin info on both the Plutonian and Max Damage, and valuable insights into the exact nature of their relationship.  Now with this issue we finally get the full scoop on just what these so-called “hangers” are, and it’s a key bit of information.  With that piece in place, a lot more can be understood about the situation in Coalville that mightIncorruptible have puzzled some people before.  Their role in the new post-Plutonian world and interaction with it are actually in the spotlight throughout this chapter of the story, and the events factor heavily into our newly crowned commissioner’s latest case.

The lead character exits stage left early in the book at the behest of Paradigm member Qubit, to handle the previously mentioned yet still mysterious disaster.  This leaves a little more time for new hero Hate Crime (aptly named because she hates crime!) to shine, and she enters this issue in full protector mode as well.  I guess if it weren’t for reformed villains Coalville wouldn’t have anyone.  I’m not fully caught up on Irredeemable, so I’m not sure if the approaching red mist is related to what Max was whisked away for or if we’re facing double trouble, but all in due time I suppose.

Commissioner Armadale, having recently been bumped up from lieutenant by St. Lucifer, factors very heavily into the issue as well.  Max seems less than thrilled with the promotion at first, but remembers whose idea it was to put St. Lucifer in charge in the first place.  Armadale is really the glue that binds this story together.  He’s on almost every page, guiding us through the events as he seeks to solve a murder that unless you’re really clever doesn’t seem to have even happened yet.

Armadale’s closing monologue touches base on all of the major players heading into the final weeks of this series, making for a nice “hello” and “goodbye” as one of those players checks out.  The whole of issue # 27 has that kind of mixed feeling to it as well.  On one hand it seems like it would serve as a great jumping on point.  On the other hand though, there’s a pervasive feeling of closure.  The foreboding and deadly cloud that encroaches over the last panels is a great visual metaphor for the looming culmination of Max Damage’s journey.

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