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New Episodes of Comic Company!

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New episodes of Comic Company are ready and waiting to be watched, and for free!   Don’t miss these valuable and often humorously presented insights into the comic book industry.  I’ve heard this web series compared to The Office, or called a comic book version of that show, but the dark comedy and tone of the show bear a stronger resemblance to cult classic Better Off Ted.  This is real life though, this isn’t television or the movies.  On the Zenescope Twitter page the company describes itself with the following:

Zenescope Entertainment is a comic book and graphic novel publisher and film production company known for its dark, edgy and sexy content.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this behind the scenes, documentary style program, it’s that the staff really lives up to its slogans, inside of an organization that surprisingly matches the art and entertainment it provides.  The seventh installment really delivers on that too, with an episode that many of us have been waiting for since the beginning.  I won’t use a colorful metaphor here, I’ll just come out and say it – the girls of Zenescope are drop dead gorgeous!  The series is finally playing to that more, teasing us with slumber parties and cupcake eating and promising that things can get totally out of control.  Seeing all of this spurs some of the guys in the office to make their move, and let’s face it, you know if you worked for Zenescope you’d be tempted to dip your pen in the company ink too.  Okay, I guess I did have to resort to metaphor, but trust me after you watch these latest episodes you’ll see why I felt compelled to review them together.  Even now I’m fearful of spoiling things, so let’s enjoy the first before we move on.

This Zenescope web series shows you what it's really like to work for a comic book companyDoes Alice remind anyone else of Summer Glau’s character Cameron from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles?  What was with those horrible pick up lines?  Kenny Loggins, “do you wanna hop a ride to the danger zone?”  Seriously?  Love and Rejection was a great episode with a nice balance of screen time for the staff, but the revelation at the end was either one of the biggest surprises or one of the biggest “no duh” moments of the entire series.  I for one can’t believe that Sean is still pursuing Alice even after learning that she’s Hatter’s mom.  The ramifications are going to make for great television though, and we may be seeing one of our first season long story arcs.  I’ll touch more on episode eight in my next review, but I really would love to know what clueless jerk invented the idea of walking in as you knock.  In the meantime here’s Hatter’s Mom Has Got it Going On for your enjoyment!

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