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New Comic Releases: April 30, 2014

David Hinspeter 04/28/2014 News

New Comic Releases: April 30, 2014

This week we have some awesome new comic titles hitting the shelves. Rai, from Valiant is finally hitting the scene. The Amazing Spiderman is starting Peter Parker’s new shot at doing it better than Octavian did it starts up this week. And the new title, Dream Police, is sure to make a splash.

Let’s not forget our own personal holiday! Saturday is Free Comic Book Day and you might want to check out what promo’s you will aiming to grab on your jaunt to your local comic shop.

Writer’s Picks

This week we are trying something new.  Our passionate writing team is going to give you their top pick for this weeks releases.  Here goes!

Mike Girard – I’m most looking forward to the Flash Annual #3. Wally West was the only Flash I knew prior to Barry Allan’s return. I always felt that Allan’s return was gratuitous, and unnecessary. My comic collecting days began in 1992, eight years after Barry’s heroic sacrifice in Crisis on Infinite Earths. I spent my entire youth knowing of that sacrifice and believed that to my core that if there was one superhero death that should never be undone, it was Barry Allan’s. Rebirth left a bad taste in my mouth as I felt like Wally was just kicked to the curb, and to this day I still don’t accept Barry’s return. I’m hoping for great things for Wally upon his return.

Dave Hinspeter – My vote is going to have to go to the Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman vs Bane.  Bane has taken Gotham in a much more complete way than every before, and now Batman is coming to take it back!  I always love seeing these two sides of the same super-coin clash.  If they can make it compelling without knocking the wind out of either character, it promises to be an excellent read!

Aaron Clutter This week I would have to pick Rai #1 from Valiant. This is going to be an awesome action-packed comic set in Japan in the year 4001. The new Valiant Universe has been excellent so far, and the changes they have in store this summer with Armor Hunters and some of the mini-series that they have scheduled are only going to make things better. This is what you should be reading. I would say the one thing that would be most disappointing this week will be Amazing Spider-Man #1. Completely unhappy with the way that Otto Octavius was dealt with at the the end of Superior Spider-Man.


Comic List


Rachel Rising #25



Cavewoman Journey #1



Betty And Veronica Double Digest #223

Jughead And Archie Double Digest #1

Mega Man #36



Uber #12



Adventure Time 2014 Annual #1

Clockwork Angels #2

Garfield Pet Force 2014 Special #1

Loki Ragnarok And Roll #3



Blackout #2

Captain Midnight #10

Furious #4

King Conan The Conqueror #3

Pariah #3

Serenity Leaves On The Wind #4

Star Wars Rebel Heist #1

Vandroid #3



Adventures Of Superman #12

Batgirl Annual #2

Batman ’66 #10

Batman Beyond Universe #9

Batman Eternal #4

Batwoman Annual #1

Flash Annual #3

Forever Evil Aftermath Batman Vs Bane #1

Green Lantern New Guardians Annual #2

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #12

Injustice Year Two #4

Scribblenauts Unmasked A Crisis Of Imagination #4

Vertigo Quarterly Cyan #1



Mercy Sparx #5



Sanitarium #1



Battlestar Galactica #10

Battlestar Galactica Six #1

Doc Savage #5

Grimm #12



Human #2



Dexter’s Laboratory #1

G.I. JOE #15

Ghostbusters #15

Judge Dredd Mega-City Two #4

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #18

Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #28

V-Wars #1

X-Files Season 10 #11



Zero #1

Alex + Ada #1 (Image Firsts Edition)

Black Science #1(Image Firsts Edition)

Black Science #6

Chew #41

Deadly Class #1 (Image Firsts Edition)

Deadly Class #4

Dream Police #1

East Of West #1 (Image Firsts Edition)

Egos #4

Elephantmen #56

Lazarus #1 (Image Firsts Edition)

Manifest Destiny #1 (Image Firsts Edition)

Pretty Deadly #1 (Image Firsts Edition)

Rat Queens #1 (Image Firsts Edition)

Sex Criminals #1 (Image Firsts Edition)

Southern Bastards #1 (Image Firsts Edition)

Tales Of Honor #2

Ten Grand #9

Umbral #6

Velvet #1 (Image Firsts Edition)



All-New X-Men #26

Amazing Spider-Man #1

Avengers #28

Avengers A.I. #12

Avengers World #5

Disney Kingdoms Seekers Of The Weird #4

Hulk #2

New Avengers #17

Origin II #5

Silver Surfer #2

Uncanny Avengers Annual #1

What If Age Of Ultron #5

Wolverine #5

X-Force #4



Atomic Robo And The Knights Of The Golden Circle #1

Bad Dreams #1

Haunted #1



Rai #1

Shadowman End Times #1



Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland Asylum #4

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland Clash Of Queens #3


Don’t forget to comment what comics you are reading this week! Come back for our reviews.

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