Comic Book Divas brings us the brand new action comic ‘Omega One’,  by writers and creators Mark Edward Lewis and Alina Andrei.  ‘Omega One’ is an action packed, futuristic story with a bad ass female lead, Omega One modeled after Alina Andrei.  Alina, who also co-wrote and created the story is an actress with a heavy background in stunts, martial arts and sword fighting, which allows for tons of added fighting and action all captured by artist Xerx G. Javier.

The story opens up letting us know of the unfortunate future of the world.   It explains the turn of events starting with World War 3, a war in which all of the worlds secret technologies and studies were sold to terrorist hackers.  World leaders were no longer in power as those with the most money and hacking power could possess the most guarded secrets.  This, in turn has led to courrier companies that must use highly trained people to get their information safely to it’s destination.  One of the largest of the companies is the “Alpha Courier Alliance” and with them comes their top courier, Omega One.

Omega One, or Meg, is the top courier, able to fight off all who attempt to stand in her way.  However,  she doesn’t understand why she is able to escape unscathed and has serious questions about her past.  Although she excels in all of her fighting skills, she is lost and doesn’t know who she is or where she comes from.  All we are given are flashbacks to her rigorous training with Rev. Dr. Michael Bertrand.  Meg must fight for her company and herself as she attempts to solve the mystery of who she is.

The motion comic is just as thrilling, with the sound effects and voice acting drawing you in to the action. You can download it and watch it on your iPhone or iPads too (click here: )!!!  I love comics on my phone!  Make sure to pre-order your signed copy now and get started on this new series.  The comic has a special pre-order price of only $5.60 so jump on it! You can find Omega One here: available for download through Comic Book Divas.