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New Cast Member on Comic Company!

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The Zenescope family has grown by one, so how will this new member affect the rest of the Comic Company staff?  Read on to find out, but be wary of spoilers!

The first thing I have to tackle is the Alice situation.  No one has seen her since her supposed date with Sean.  I’m not saying that he kidnapped and killed her, but maybe he kidnapped and killed her.  That’s not her in episode 12, Change is Coming: that’s Cinderella.  The other “Alice” is Hatter in a dress, and while her daughter makes an appearance, she does not.  If there’s anyone who can get to the bottom of this situation, it’s the new office enforcer.  Yes, there’s a new sheriff in town- he’s doing security, he’s doing supervision, and he goes by the name Rumpelstiltskin.  He runs a tight ship, and I won’t spoil all the jokes, but surprise, surprise, guess who takes an immediate disliking to Sean!  You would think a goody two shoes would get along fine with the office taskmaster, but then again it is Sean we’re talking about.

Zenescope Comic CompanyIn episode 13, The Bribe, the real Hatter is back in action and ready to make his play.  He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite personalities in Zenescope’s office, and the real measure of any new addition is how they match up with him.  There’s a brief moment where it seems like they’re going to strike up a partnership, but let’s face it, two strong willed individuals like them are going to butt heads eventually.  It doesn’t take long before we see them at odds, with Rumpelstiltskin playing the internal affairs Jon Kavanaugh type to Hatter’s roguish corrupt cop Vic Mackey.  It’s an exciting time for Zenescope, with hot properties like a Zenescoped version of Robin Hood on the way, and a major announcement or two expected to be coming out of this year’s Comic-Con. Be sure to check back often for the latest news, and in the meantime enjoy the two freshest episodes of Zenescope’s often hilarious and bitingly honest behind the scenes look into their day to day operations!



Hot news from San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Lionsgate TV has won the rights to adapt Zenescope’s Wonderland comic book series into a new show produced by Smallville’s Brian Robbins!  Could this explain Alice’s absence from the office?  Has she been off secretly assisting in negotiations, or already been working to bring the adaptation to life?




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