When you think “Star Wars” what is the first thing you really hear? If you are like most nerds it’s one of the most know theme songs throughout the land. When you think of your favorite TV show what is it you hear? For this writer it’s the songs that not only enhance the storyline, they make up some of it as well.

Music is an essential part of what we as nerds know, whether it is the theme from “Star Wars” or the very distinct music of “Harry Potter” we know what we are getting in to when that melodious music starts. As time goes on though the music in those movies has become more popular, and actually opened itself up to bands other people would have never thought of. “Scott Pilgrim” for example featured the likes of “Beck” and “Metric in their albums” as well as the original performances of the actors who actually played the music.

Music has not only helped turn what are referred to as “nerd movies” into something main stream, they have given them a firm stance as a legitimate movie genre. So I’m posing the question below because I would love to hear what you guys have to say. So sit up, getting your music lists ready and lets go!

There hundred of theme songs out there that not only get stuck in our minds, but what’s your favorite song from a nerdy movie or TV shows? I have a few but the ones that stick out to me are the opening themes to “Firefly” and “The Big Bang Theory” what are yours?