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Nathan Fillion to play Cosmo in Guardians of the Galaxy

Scott Harrigan 06/26/2014 Movies and TV

Nathan Fillion’s small cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy  has finally been confirmed; yesterday confirmed that Fillion will be making his cameo as the voice of Cosmo the Space Dog.  Those unfamiliar with the Dan Abnett’s Guardians of the Galaxy are probably scratching their heads, as the prevailing fan theory was for Fillion to play Nova. Cosmo is a dog who was launched into space by the Soviet Union in the 1960s; his pod was lost in space and struck by a cosmic storm granting him powerful telepathy, human-like intelligence and the ability to speak. Cosmic rays are arguably the most heavily relied on MacGuffin in the entirety of the Marvel Universe and undeniably within the realm of “Space Marvel.” Though some voiced disappointment that Fillion is only voicing a dog,  in my opinion this was the perfect role for his cameo. Fillion is too old to play Nova, a fact that people often don’t realize because they still see him as Captain Hammer or Mal.

Nathan Fillion is no stranger to wackiness and Cosmo indicative of everything that is fun and crazy about comics. Cosmic Marvel has told epic and ridiculous stories, though they have been of greatly varying quality, the writers are far less limited thanks to the “cosmic energy” that Jack Kirby seemed to love so much. While the movies do indeed turn down a lot of the craziness for the film audiences, any fears of this movie being just a standard science fiction movie can be laid to rest.  Fans of the Abnett series will not have any complaints as they know in a galaxy with a talking tree prince who is best friends with a gun nut raccoon, a dog psychic dog in a space suit with  heavy Russian accent will fit right in. Plus, who didn’t want wish that their dogs could talk during their childhood? Fans should rejoice that Fillion is part of what will undoubtedly be a love letter to cosmic Marvel,  though I would not hold out any hope of seeing Adam Warlock any time soon, you can’t have it all.

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