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My X-Men 132, I Mean 137

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My 132, My137

At Wizard World Philadelphia 2012, I decided not only to get some signatures for books I previously had graded, but I also wanted to use Classics Incorporated to get some of my comic books pressed. Pressing is something I am still at odds about, but apparently not against. My best result was an issue of Daredevil that I purchased at the same show. After getting my books back, one of the things I didn’t notice right away was my copy of Uncanny X-men #132… I mean #137.

The book in question was purchased at the first LCS I was loyal to. This was in the late eighties. I decided to buy this comic after I purchased my first two trade paperbacks, The Dark Phoenix Saga and Demon in a Bottle. I loved both stories but it was Chris Claremont’s writing, the combined artwork of John Byrne and Terry Austin, along with the characters that made me desire the back issues between #129 and #137. This was especially difficult to do, not only because their popularity had them priced a bit higher than I wanted to pay, but my mindset was against paying so much. I was naïve (which is a nice way to call myself stupid).

As I got deeper into collecting CGC slabs I wanted these issues again in a 9.8, but was always outbid or the prices were too high in the first place. I decided to go through my collection and pick the best one and bring it to Wizard World Philadelphia 2012. While at the convention I picked up a copy of Daredevil #3 and used Matt Nelson of Classics Incorporated to press the book. I added the Daredevil along with about 16 others from home.

I was doing this for a few reasons; one was to see the results and the more I had to use as a reference about pressing the better informed I would be. Of course the other reason could probably be attributed to my slight addiction to slabs. Even so, I was more than happy to turn over what I thought were my best chances of getting a near mint/mint grade, but in no way did I ever think my Uncanny X-Men book would get a 9.8.

X-Men 137After the on-site pressing and the on-site grading were finished, (money well spent) my copy of Uncanny X-Men #137 was returned to me a 9.4. I could live with that; in fact I was ecstatic. A month later I finally put my encapsulated books in order by title and number when I realized the mistake that CGC had made. There, as plain as day, on the beautiful crisp blue label was the information for issue #132, this iconic cover where Cyclops and Marvel Girl fight for the last time clash against the wrong information. I have seen some errors on eBay try to go for a premium price and as much as I thought it would be neat to have one of those mistakes I didn’t want to pay what people want for them.

Now if only I can get them to grade my #132 as #137.

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  1. Joe 08/12/2012 at 6:48 am

    Interesting read. Do you feel that there was a mistake with the whole process, meaning the grade could be off as well or just the info was wrong?

    Also, is pressing a common term for getting a book graded?

  2. CGC Lee 08/13/2012 at 12:59 am

    Hey Joe,

    Pressing has absolutely nothing to do with the grading process. It doesn't matter if you use CGC or PGX. Occasionally what will happen is someone might just hit the wrong digit. Who knows after a weekend full of grading, their eyes could be crossed and they put a 2 in place of the seven. As far as the grade is concerned it was graded a 9.4 and is a 9.4 regardless of the issue discrepancy.

    I am glad you liked the read. This was more persoanl than anything else. I have others about grading so if you would like to check my backlog of articles I would appreciate that but I also hope you stay tuned to what I write next month. I have an interview set up with Matt Nelson from Classics Incorporated and I hope to get some answers for myself as well as for other people.

    Thank you for reading, as well as your time to ask your questions.

    CGC Lee

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