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My Thoughts on… Uncanny X-force #7

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I have long given up caring on what people think about me, at least on trivial matters. One of those minute things were reading comic books. What would my friends think of me? Would they still be my friends? I was a closet collector to most of my friends, well maybe all of my friends but one. I was addicted and as a teen I had trouble getting home without stopping off in the middle of my journey home and finding ut what was going on with my favorite characters. My journey to the comic book shop is now a little bit longer. I take the bus, the el, and my own two feet to make it there every Wednesday morning. And on the way home…. I read my comic books.


On a good day I can read two to three of them comfortable among prying eyes. I don’t care. I have my headphones on and I immerse myself in the newest book before me, in this case, Uncanny X-force. The artwork is gritty, and not a bad gritty, but a dark in your face going to kick some a$$ gritty. The characters are so mixed it is hard to decipher why they are even a team, but let’s face it, Marvel just wanted to get a bunch of characters that sell together and give them a book. I read the book as the tracks swayed the el back and forth and by the time I got to the end I decided to stop collecting this book.


Now here is the problem. The book is good. Rick Remender writes the chaos well. He brought Apocolypse in as a young child and tried to write the old morality question of going back and killing Hitler. He brought the Deathlok’s back (not my favorite) with a new twist (at least I think it is new, Deathlok is a character I do not follow) and even the surprise at the end of the book was enough to make me go… interesting, but I felt that my money would be better off spending it on other books, including books graded by CGC. I decided to just collect this series as a trade, much like I plan on doing for the Black Panther since he took over my favorite title (BAH)


Then another problem occurred, because after that last page, with that very last thought of now saving a few extra dollars a month, Marvel had to go and show the cover of Issue #8. Seriously, how dare they do that? What were they thinking, no polybags, no variant covers, just one simple scene with two people and I am transported all the way back to being a teen again, and simply cannot wait to see the old adage…… What’s next?  Billy Tan doing Pencils is one thing that is next and The return of…… ah…I’ll just let you wait to see what’s next!



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  1. Nick Furious 04/14/2011 at 11:38 pm

    Agreed sir! X-Force is the most crazy tandem of "ok we don't know where to put them, so they will go in X-Force" heroes! This is one of the problems I have been having with modern day comics, I know ideas HAVE to be recycled, but its not good when a new arc bring to mind a very "not too long ago" arc. I hope you continue to review X-Force as I just can't justify getting it, and you seemed to sum it up nicely.

  2. Andy Kirby 04/15/2011 at 5:50 am

    X-Force and X-Factor are the best X titles out right now!!!!

    I know what you mean about that teen-like feeling! Every so often a Spider-Man story will do that to me.

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