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My Pick of the Week (Week 4)

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How can I choose my pick of the week when my two favorite comic books come out? Easy, I pick something better. Last October as I walked around my first NYCC, I saw that Del Rey had a booth. They of course were promoting their upcoming Star Wars books and the one I couldn’t wait for was Darth Plagueis.

The original street date was 16-Jan-12 but was pushed ahead, and yet I still had to wait a week before I purchased my copy. Once the week was over (and after I finished reading Gideon’s Corpse) I picked up Darth Plagueis and now I can’t seem to put it down.

James Luceno has written a few Star Wars novels to date of which I have read all of them. The recent books seem better than the earlier ones. Whether this is because he became a better writer or because he became more comfortable playing in George Lucas’ sandbox I don’t know. The prologue captured me but I immediately felt a slowdown in the first chapter. It was like the beginning of a rollercoaster with its chain puling you slowly to the top before letting you loose on a whirlwind of twists, loops, and turns.

I read the book on the way to pick up my weekly comic book haul. I read it on the way home. I read it in bed before sleep. And I read it in the bathr… never mind.

As I write this I am over the halfway point and the book could also clearly be called Darth Sidious. Between the pages show how some of the events became to be in the first three episodes. The thing is though as I write this all I want to do is go and finish the book. Could I spoil everything here for you, Yup sure can, but if you are a Star Wars fan then you probably have already picked this book up. The story is so much fun and enjoyable it is only comparable to a Wookie playing catch with a moon.

My runner up for the week is something you should stay away from. Uncanny X-Force #20 let me down in so many ways. I almost stopped the book before issue ten but when the Shadow King made an appearance and then the Dark Angel saga (which I thought would be a flop) occurred I thought that this would be a book to keep. I might have to think again.


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