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My Pick of the Week (Week #3)

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Back to basics!

Digital is upon us but I still love the feel of comic books in my hand. Every Wednesday I do my best to be at the comic book shop. Breakfast with my Dad first and then when the doors open I buy my lot. This day however I already had two books in hand before the store even opened. Both were from eBay and both were CGC graded delivered to my Father’s but I do digress. After leaving my Father I read some of the comic books on the public transportation I took home from Center City Philadelphia. My LCS right on Sansom Street welcomes me with almost every single new release that comes out (I don’t buy them all). I also tend to read them in the order I think I will like them best. This time I was wrong. Somewhere in the midst of the pile was New Avengers #20 (4 of 7, the seventh was a digital copy).

I will admit I am sick and tired that Wolverine and Spider-Man have all this time to be in every location at once. That said I read these books like there are no others. That this universe doesn’t coincide so when Spider-Man is having an unfortunate day in ASM #677 he can also watch as Luke Cage gets pummeled by an out of costume Norman Osborn and do his best against the Dark Avengers. I should have realized with a cover by Mike Deodato and Rain Beredo this should have been the last on my list but I cannot read anything before any Daredevil book and DD was spending time in the ASM. (This previous sentence is total BS if any New Mutants title is in the mix, not to mention forgetting Matt Murdock is an Avenger.)


Right at the get go a mystery begins. What happens between Squirrel Girl and Jessica Jones? But then we skip to Miami and Luke Cage jumps out of the pan and into the fire, bypassing every single person to get to Norman Osborn then he gets another flying lesson. Skarr takes a whopping hit on Wolverine and the Dark Avengers Spider-Man does not have Spider Sense. (How do I know? Because Spider-Man asked him.) Even Iron Fist shows his potential by going up against a Hulk. By the way a certain blind guy also dodged some arrows in his typical DD fashion which went on to hit the Dark Avenger’s Wolverine.

The entire book was a slam bam in your face battle royal and the end was even better. Ragnarok!

Of course to continue to be outside the box my runner up for pick of the week is not even comic book related. Just released on the 10th of January would be a book by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child called Gideon’s Corpse. It is book two with the newly created Gideon Crew. And if you never read these two great authors’ together I recommend it.


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  1. Monkeyball 01/19/2012 at 10:42 am

    Woverine and Spidey are rather business now, aren't they? The new movies look promising, should be an interesting year!

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