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With only five minutes before I have to get ready to go to work I am counting down to my vacation. This means tomorrow will be the last day I get any new comic books for two weeks. Unless I can find some comic book shops in the Caribbean. And yes I am going to try. I do not have anything other than my phone for some digital comic books but seriously, I don’t think I will have time to read any. My Star Wars book is finished and I realized I am writing too much when I find a typo on page 313. Go ahead; look for it.

By Troy DenningWhat do you do when it is time to go on vacation? Do you work under pressure getting a crunch time article to either say good bye, what comic books I plan to get tomorrow or possibly trying to buy the worst copy of Amazing Spider-Man currently available? The above was written in two minutes which allows me to just meander with my words for the next three before giving this to an editor to fix, change or delete. (The latter would mean that you will have no idea that I wrote this, much like some comic book ideas that get marketed at comic con with the hopes of becoming the next Stan Lee or Jack Kirby, or maybe the first CGC Lee.)

I do have an idea of some future articles that I will render down on the cruise ship but until I get back I will leave you in the dark. I have five cameras to bring with me and although I might put those shots up on Facebook or Pinterest….but alas my five minutes are up. As a friend of mine says on the CGC registry,

Happy Hunting



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