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I have been a private person. I kept to myself and the only ones that have known me are those that I have known for years. In the past two years I have embraced a few things. One is my writing, two is my collection (and not just comic books), and three I have nothing to be ashamed of. My first conscious foray into the comic book world was after walking into a 7-11. My second was finding a local comic book shop. My third was enjoying the comic convention circuit. In the late eighties there were none in the Philadelphia area (to my knowledge). My Fourth is admitting this to you.

On City Line Avenue in Philadelphia was the closest thing to a comic book convention in the late eighties that I was able to attend. They opened up some of the rooms creating one large area and there were probably about twenty to thirty dealers selling their comic books. I was in my glory. I saw books I never saw before. In 93 I attended my first comic book convention. (I still have a souvenir cup from my attendance.) Through the late 90’s and early 00’s (does that even make sense) I switched from comic books to Star Wars. Then around 2007 I thrust myself back into the comic book world. I had to do the one thing that every collector fears doing, I had to purge.

After this purge (Do I regret this?) I reevaluated what I wanted to collect. I picked three titles, which winded up being 5 (which now is a lot more) and started to attend Wizard World. It felt like coming home. There were collectors everywhere. People were dressed as their favorite character (something I vowed I would never do) and I was able to find out what comic book companies had in store for us. The panels became a reason to go to the next years Wizard World. Until 2008 arrived I had the Philadelphia Comic Con.

The Philadelphia Comic Con is around about ten times a year. Dealers from surrounding areas bring their comic books for additional sales that they might not get in the stores. I for one look forward to each one. These little mini cons are the reason why I only need two more Daredevil issues for the original run.  If you live in the Philadelphia area I recommend this small event.

The next few years at Wizard World changed. This comic con became a pop culture event. My interest waned and if it wasn’t for CGC doing onsite grading most likely I would have stopped going. New York Comic Con was always a dream, as is San Diego, but now half that dream came true. I was only able to attend for a day.  Nothing against Wizard World at all but I have to say that after going to my First Comic con (NYCC) in almost twenty years how can I ever go to anything else? I will be writing a series of articles about my experiences. I will attempt to give you the feeling of the enormity of the event (I hope the pictures show some of that) and how much I wish I could have attended the full four days. A wedding occurred the same weekend and I was obligated to go (and for that person that I went with who will most likely be reading this I wouldn’t have changed it for the world…unless they make Pluto a planet again).

I hope that you will follow me and converse with me. Ask me questions about anything but remember my interests lay in back issues, Grading, and collectability. You can reach me on Twitter @CGCLee or on Facebook under the same name. I also write on the CGC Registry as well under Tnerb.


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  1. Michael Wirth 10/17/2011 at 1:13 pm

    I used to go to Wizard World Philly until I lost my NYCC virginity last year. While the NYCC shows are awesome, and I love going, there are moments when I miss going to the Philly shows. They're smaller, which makes them more intimate. You have the chance to speak with the artists in Artist Alley without having to rush to get a chance to see everything. Many times, the panels are just as interesting and informative. I probably won't give up on NYCC, but when my money situation changes, I'll probably peek in on Wizard World Philly when it rolls around.

  2. Robb Orr 10/17/2011 at 5:22 pm

    Nice sight-lines on those pictures. It really gives some perspective on how massive this con is.

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