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Must Read Valiant: Quantum and Woody #5

David Vandervliet 09/13/2013 News

If you’ve been reading what I’ve been saying here on Comic Booked, then you know that I think the whole Valiant line is a “must read”.   From top to bottom, all of their titles have just been fantastic.  From X-O Manowar right up through this weeks’s Eternal Warrior #1, Valiant has been hitting it out of the park.   Great writing, great art and great characters coming together each and every month.

One of the highlights to the Valiant line is just how easy it is to pick up and read any of their comics.  You don’t need to know years of comics history to enjoy them.   Now Valiant is even making it even easier for new readers by spotlighting accessible entry points for their series with their “Must Read” campaign.

This month, Valiant showcases the world’s worst superhero team…

Must Read…  Quantum & Woody!

From Valiant

Valiant is proud to announce that fan favorite artist and rising star Ming Doyle (Mara, Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite – Rocket Raccoon) is joining writer James Asmus and colorist Jordie Bellaire as the newest member of the world’s worst superhero team!

Asmus, Doyle and Bellaire will make their joint debut in November’s Quantum and Woody #5 – launching the next installment of the MUST READ VALIANT initiative with an all-new new story arc and easily accessible entry point for the wildly acclaimed superhero series about two estranged foster brothers struggling with their newfound superpowers…and no responsibilities whatsoever.

“Quantum and Woody’s going to be my first chance to do a superhero action comedy buddy-cop type thing… It’s going to be really different, but I’m looking forward to the opportunity to play with these characters because they’re so funny,” Doyle told CBR. “I really want to get into more physical acting with them and exploring body language, and all of that goofiness… This is going to be really fun.”

Eric and Woody Henderson have just had their lives turned upside down. So what do you do when the most annoying person in your life is also the only thing keeping you alive? You move in with him! And his goat. And his barely legal clone girlfriend. Besides, every team of heroes needs a secret headquarters…and this one has a slightly used hot tub. Plus: Quantum meets his first true super-villain!

Quantum & Woody, COVER_ROBINSON


On Sale 11/6/13
A $3.99 Comic, 32 Pgs
Rated T+
Writer: James Asmus
Art: Ming Doyle & Jordie Bellaire
Cover: Andrew Robinson
Pullbox Exclusive Variant: Lee Garbett  
Variant Cover: David Lopez
Variant Cover: Mike McKone 

And look for Quantum and Woody Vol. 1: The World’s Worst Superhero Team – the first trade paperback collection of the series that IGN calls “freaking glorious” – in stores same day and specially priced at just $9.99!

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