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Valiant’s laid out their 2014 plans today at their NYCC panel at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.  It looks like it’s going to be another great year! A Must Read .

The panel was held in the packed meeting room,with many of Valiant’s top creators on hand, along with Dinesh Shamdasani, Valiant’s Chief Creative Officer and Warren Simons, Executive Editor.  The panel was moderated by Hunter Gorinson, Valiant’s Communications Director.

Must Read Valiant - QUantum and Woody The panel started right of with the news that the original World’s Worst team that is. Original series creators Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright reunite for Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody – an all-new, five-issue mini-series bringing the original Quantum and Woody into the 21st century!

Set wholly in the original continuity of Priest and Bright’s groundbreaking Acclaim Comics series, the new mini – which represents the return of both creators to monthly comics – will pick up in the modern day, launching an older Quantum and Woody into an all-new adventure set 20 years after the events of their original series.  This is a one time event, publishing a story set in the previous Valiant/Acclaim continuity.
Valiant’s Must Read campaign also comes to the modern Quantum and Woody series with issue #5 this Novemeber.  Which also rising star artist Ming Doyle’s first issue on the title.   Like all must read issues, this is a perfect jumping on point for new readers.


Of course thUNITY_001_PULLBOX_FOREMANe next big jumping on point for the entire Valiant Universe will be Unity.  Unity is a new ONGOING series coming from Matt Kindt (Mind Mgmt) and Doug Braithwaite (Journey into Mystery).

 The world is nervous as an alien spaceship has set down in the middle of Europe and 4th Century Visigoth has claimed his ancestral homeland of Dacia as his Kingdom.  Unfortunately Dacia is now Romania.  And the Visigoth has the X-O Manowar armor to enforce his will.

Unity is the story of the team that comes together to take down Aric.  But this is not a natural team.  Toyo Harada brings together Ninjak, The Eternal Warrior and Harbinger psiot Livewire.    Kindt told the panel that he as particularly excited about writing Ninjak and Livewire, two characters that haven’t gotten a lot of exposure yet.  This will be a action packed book, with lots of powerful visuals.  “I couldn’t wait to get my teeth into it” Braithwaite said. “We are going to try to ramp this up every issue”  Unity #1 is an oversized (30 pages of story!) and will be on sale on November 13.

The events of Unity spill right out of X-O Manowar.   Robert Venditti and Cary Nord have reunited for the upcoming Unity tie in storyarc.  The Unity preview boo

k that Valiant has on hand for convention goers at their booth included a preview of Nord’s amazing rendered art for the stand alone arc.  Haven’t seen it yet?   Well here it is! And it’s amazing!

Sect Civil War - ValiantARCHER & ARMSTRONG

Fred Van Lente brought the fans on hand up to speed on what is going on with Archer & Armstrong and the upcoming Sect Civil War storyarc.   The first issue is already available.   The factions of the Sect are starting to fight amongst themselves, but in doing so, they may be endangering the world.  After a year of fighting the sect, can Archer & Armstrong actually help save it?  Well that may depend on whether or not they can even work together.  Archer is still a bit upset with the way things ended in the lost land of Faraway.


Writer Greg Pak was on hand to talk about what he has planned for Gilad Anni-Padda.  One exciting thing coming up is the series second arc beginning in issue 5, when we will see a bit of the future of the Valiant universe.  Jumping ahead 2 millennia to the year 4001 to tell the story of the Eternal Emperor! Fans of the EW_005_PULLBOX_BERNARDoriginal Valiant may remember that some of the company’s titles took place in the 41st century, and now we are getting a chance to see that time again, in this new series.

I got a chance to sit down and talk one on one with Pak, and ask him how much the past, present, and future will all influence each other.  Each issue will have some flashbacks or flash forwards that will help inform the present.

Knowing what the 41st Century means to the Valiant Universe, I did ask if we would be seeing any familiar faces perhaps with the Blood of Heroes coursing through their veins…   but we will have to wait and see what the future holds.

I also asked him if there was any upcoming plans to cross over with Archer & Armstrong. There is a natural flow with Archer & Armstrong, but nothing right away.”   Fryor now Pak is focusing on telling the story of the Eternal Warrior.



BSCORPS_018_COVER_CRAINThis January, Valiant is sending Bloodshot and the expendable commandos of H.A.R.D. Corps into action alongside legendary artist and Valiant icon Bart Sears (X-O Manowar) for “GET SOME!” – an all-new story arc beginning in Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #18!

Brought back from the dead and infused with cutting-edge nanotechnology, Bloodshot escaped to bring war down upon his former masters at Project Rising Sprit…but now they’ve made him an offer he can’t refuse. Partnered with the weaponized men and women of the H.A.R.D. Corps, this black budget, technologically-augmented strike force is facing off against a network of terrorist saboteurs in the heart of the Persian Gulf! But as Bloodshot digs into the multinational oil conglomerate that’s signing his paychecks, he’ll soon find himself confronted by the complex truth behind the terror – and face-to-face with an older, scrappier, more grizzled generation of superhuman soldier from the glory days of proxy wars and state-sponsored assassination.





The big news is Harbinger artist Clayton Henry has gone exclusive with Valiant, joining  fellow artists Braithwaite, Nord, and  Trevor Hairsine(Eternal Warrior) as well as Harbinger writer Joshua Dysart.   And beginning with issue 20 this January, Dysart and Henry and the Renegades will be offering some Resistance, an all-new jumping on point that will lead Peter Stanchek and the Renegades into the final act of their crusade against Toyo Harada…and introduce an unlikely new ally into their growing battle against the Harbinger Foundation.

We were teased at the panel of a new player in the Harbinger world,  Ax (a name with some history in Valiant).  Ax is the Julian Assange of the Valiant Universe, someone who wants the information about psiots out there and available.  Whether he is an ally or an enemy of the Renegades waits to been seen, but he is definitely not getting a Christmas Card from Toyo Harada.

Dysart (who was not at the panel) said in an interview earlier this month,”This arc will be incredibly new-reader friendly… We’ve built a lot of great jumping-on points into the previous issues, but this will be the easiest one yet. If you’ve haven’t read the book, this is the one to try. If friends haven’t read the book, this is the one to hand to them.”


Shadowman sketches

Series Editor Alejandro Arbona was on hand to talk about Peter Milligan and Roberto De La Torre taking over the series with issue 13.   – the first issue of all-new story arc exposing the malignant roots of Shadowman’s superhuman abilities…roots that began in Jack Boniface’s own tortured past…and now extend through the bloodied back-alleys of 21st century New Orleans.

“We’re really excited to have Peter Milligan join the team, Peter is absolutely awesome”  said Arbona. “Peter is going to be peeling back some of the horrors that Jack is going to be facing.” If you haven’t tried Shadowman yet,  issue 13 this December is the time.

Find out why VALIANT has been heralded as the MUST READ publisher in comics today!

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