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Music to Cosplay to – Wizard World Song Contest!

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Wizard World is holding a song contest of sorts, from their Facebook page for the Philly event. While re-promoting their famous “Call Me Maybe” vid, they offered fans a chance to possibly pick the next song to serve as the background for a future cosplay roundup video! It’s not an official, full on contest per se, but here’s the comment:

Do you remember last year when we made our own Wizard World music video of “Call Me Maybe”?? If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the link below!! We want to make another music video and we want to know what song you guys think we should do it to!! Suggest a song in the comments and maybe your pick will be the next amazing Wizard World music video!!

So that’s still pretty cool in its own right, who wouldn’t love to have their awesome suggestion validated by an organization with that much respect in the geek community? “Call Me Maybe” was a viral event thanks to Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Tisdale, with lip-synch videos from soldiers, school mascots, cheerleading teams, car dealerships – insert almost any group of people really. The song was a great choice because the buzz around it was so much fun to get in on. The song has energy, and is slightly suggestive in a sweet and innocent way.

Wizard World has a fun cosplay video!

Let me chime in with a few suggestions of my own:

Foo Fighters – “Learn to Fly”

The lyrics are very superhero in nature without overtly referencing any one hero or being too obvious, and it’s a song with a lot of momentum. With a new album possibly on the way from them this year, it would be a very relevant and timely choice as well!


The Guild – “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar”

It’s a little genre specific, but definitely plays up that suggestive vibe!


MC Chris – “Nrrrd Grrrl”

Ok so like my last choice the lyrics are a little specific, this time to a gender not a genre, but other than that it’s almost perfect really!


The Guild –  “I’m the One That’s Cool”

This was my favorite song when it came out, and is probably my best choice on the list. The lyrics are a great documentation of the rise of geek culture – a rise which is evidenced by the amazing explosion of the comic convention circuit and celebrated by Wizard World! It’s a match made in heaven!


What a great world we live in where something like a tweet or Facebook status update can be news! It sure keeps entertainment journalism on its toes! Let me also add that if you’re a musical artist, suggesting your own song might be a great way to get a little exposure. Here’s that link again, so hurry over and make your suggestion before time runs out! Here’s the original for inspiration, and also feel free to stop by Comic Booked Studios to check out some of our own cosplay vids.



What do you think would make the best song for a Wizard World cosplay video?

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