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MPAA Does Not Approve Of Sin City’s Poster

Bill Ivie 05/30/2014 Movies and TV

Sin City A Dame To Kill For

Sin City, the comic and movie franchise based on the work of Frank Miller, has always pushed the envelope.  This time, they may have pushed a little too far.  At the same time, they may have pushed just far enough to cause some buzz around their upcoming film.

Movie goers will be tagging along to revisit Frank Miller’s town of Basin City in the new film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.  The film will take viewers back in time to a period prior to the previous film as well as intertwining to events that are during and after the previous film.  In typical Sin City fashion, it is nearly impossible to put a timeline on the stories that are told.

The movie will reportedly intertwine three Miller stories into one film.  The title story, A Dame To Kill For, will be the prominent storyline.  Expect to see other Miller stories Just Another Saturday Night and The Long, Bad Night to be featured as well.

The movie is grabbing headlines currently for the racy poster they have released featuring Eva Green, the film’s star.  Green poses holding a pistol and wearing very little next to the phrase “I’ve been especially bad”.  In the style of the comics and preceding movie, the poster is largely in black and white with only shades of red and the star’s green eyes receiving color.

The poster has caused controversy as the Motion Picture Association of America deemed it too revealing and shot the poster down for “nudity — curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown.”

Sin City

The poster seems to fit the movie and subject matter quite well.  You can watch the initial trailer here:

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Don’t be mistaken, this was very likely an intentional situation created by the filmmakers and their PR firm to draw some attention.  Sin City is not afraid to make people uncomfortable very early and establish some press for the boundaries they will approach.

If that was the plan, it seems to be working quite well.

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