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Walking Dead Poll

The Walking Dead Season Two: All Episodes Reviewed

The Walking Dead continues to be one of the most popular shows on television. The mid-season finale for Season Five brought in nearly 15 million viewers. Compare that with the 112 million viewers of the Super Bowl this past year, [...]

December 3, 2014 Movies and TV
Terminator Genisys Logo

Terminator Genisys Trailer Tease

Paramount has released a teaser of the trailer hitting the streets tomorrow. I wonder how long this franchise can continue, and it seems like they are forcing things just a bit. I don’t doubt that the movie will have great [...]

December 3, 2014 Movies and TV
Walking Dead Poll

The Walking Dead Season One: All Episodes Reviewed

The Walking Dead is one of those shows that is more than just a TV drama. Over the course of four and a half seasons, this shows has developed a following to rival most shows of the last decade. Conventions, [...]

December 2, 2014 Movies and TV

The Walking Beth: A Memoriam In Pictures

In a television show like The Walking Dead on AMC, we, the viewers, know that each person is doomed to eventually die. The real question is always the how and why behind their death. Is it a death that adds [...]

December 1, 2014 Movies and TV
Star Wars

The REAL Star Wars Trailer

So, this is probably the best thing to happen to Star Wars since, well…Return of the Jedi? I’m a die hard Star Wars fan, but it’s hard to say that the last 3 movies were anything but a disappointment. I’ve [...]

November 29, 2014 Movies and TV
Star Wars

Star Wars Episode VII Trailer Is Here!

Today may be Black Friday, but it is an awesome day for all of us Star Wars fans as we don’t have to fight any little old ladies for the biggest deal of the year. The first official trailer has [...]

November 28, 2014 Movies and TV

Film Review: Interstellar

What makes a Christopher Nolan movie so entertaining is the fact that he demands quite bit of participation from his audience. He’ll put lot of complicated ideas on the table with the belief that audience is paying attention. He gives [...]

November 14, 2014 Movies and TV

Comic Booked Entertainment Update

Comic Booked strives to bring you breaking entertainment news. Check out these updates of things announced today.     Star Wars Lucasfilm has announced the official subtitle for the highly anticipated Star Wars Episode Seven. It will be called The [...]

November 7, 2014 Movies and TV
Gotham Logo

Gotham Episode 1.7: Penguin’s Umbrella – Review

What is the only way to make an already stellar show even better after six episodes?  That’s right.  Bring back the showrunner to script the seventh.  Bruno Heller returned to the characters and the city of Gotham in this week’s [...]

November 4, 2014 Movies and TV
Star wars rebels

Star Wars Rebels: “Breaking Ranks”

  One of the biggest curiosities about Star Wars has always been the issue of storm troopers. The storm troopers themselves are just as iconic as just about anything else in Star Wars, and with countless memes everywhere on the [...]

November 3, 2014 Movies and TV

Marvel Announces Film Slate

Marvel held a press conference on Tuesday, October 28 at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood to make some announcements that should whet the appetites of comic book movie fans while simultaneously causing Hollywood itself to take shelter from this [...]

October 28, 2014 Movies and TV

Homeland Playing Cards Designed In Celebration Of New Season

Showtime’s hit TV drama Homeland has become one of the best loved shows currently showing on television, having been syndicated all over the world. Homeland is an American political thriller developed by Howard Gordon with Alex Gansa that is based [...]

October 28, 2014 Movies and TV
Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels: Rise of the Old Masters

After the rather light (and somewhat inconsequential) “Fighter’s Flight,” the latest episode finally introduces viewers to the show’s singular villain. In the process, it tries – in every way – to be Star Wars. Despite having a trim twenty minute [...]

October 28, 2014 Movies and TV, Reviews
Gotham NYCC

Gotham Episode 1.6: Spirit of the Goat – Review

Welcome back, Bat fans!  Another great episode of Gotham aired last night, but you no doubt are well aware of this fact.  It is worth noting first and foremost that writer Ben (Supernatural, Angel) Edlund absolutely nailed the transition from [...]

October 28, 2014 Movies and TV

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3: Soul Survivor

I knew going into this episode of Supernatural that it would be the last episode with demon Dean. Considering last week’s ass-kicking episode, I was prepared to be blown away. The promos all week leading up to episode 3 showed [...]

October 25, 2014 Movies and TV