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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Theatrical One-Sheet Revealed

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Theatrical One-Sheet Revealed We’ve reached the homestretch: we are only two months away from the new Star Wars film, and for hard-core fans, it’s the moment they’ve been waiting 32 years for. And now Disney [...]

October 18, 2015 Movies and TV

Kibbles & Bits: Genre Movie News

It’s not always  easy to stay ahead of of the curve when it comes to the influx of genre movie news, but we at Comic Booked feel the need to try anyway, because there’s a lot of interesting projects, fascinating [...]

October 17, 2015 Movies and TV

Gotham 2.4: “Strike Force”

Gotham 2.4: “Strike Force” With the latest episode of Gotham, the creators have pulled out one of their best cards and slammed it on the table and have told viewers “read it and weep.” But there’s more to playing a [...]

October 16, 2015 Movies and TV
Cut & Print

Cut & Print: The Martian (2015)

Cut & Print: The Martian (2015) The most interesting aspect of Ridley Scott’s new science fiction film The Martian is that it is that the legendary director does not treat it as fiction at all. He directs with that calm [...]

October 14, 2015 Movies and TV

Gotham 2.3: “Last Laugh”

Gotham Season 2.3: “Last Laugh” Two of the problems with the first season of Gotham was that some of the story-lines either ended abruptly with no real payoff that was worthy of the build-up (such as the female mole Fish [...]

October 12, 2015 Movies and TV
Superhero Movie

Updated Superhero Movie Release List Through 2020

What’s that you were saying Steven Spielberg? I’m sorry we can’t hear you over all the fans screaming at the news that Marvel has just added 4 new films to it’s ever growing Superhero Movie list.  They added an Ant [...]

October 8, 2015 Movies and TV
Black Mass Movie Poster

Movie Review: Black Mass

Scott Cooper continues to take Hollywood by surprise with yet another complex and thrilling film that is will keep audiences on the edges of their seats from beginning to end.  Known for the Jeff Bridges comeback film Crazy Heart and [...]

October 1, 2015 Movies and TV
Cut & Print

Cut & Print: Back to the Future (1985)

Cut & Print: Back to the Future (1985) Author’s note: It really has been thirty years since Back to the Future has been released. To quote Avery Brooks, “where’s my flying cars?” This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of a [...]

October 1, 2015 Movies and TV

Gotham 2.2: “Knock, Knock” Review

Gotham 2.2 “Knock, Knock” Review When, by the end of watching the latest episode of Gotham (”Knock, Knock”), you almost forget that this week’s villains decided to drop seven or so people from top of the building onto the pavement [...]

October 1, 2015 Movies and TV
The Visit Movie Poster

Movie Review: The Visit

The Sixth Sense.  Lady in the Water.  Signs.  Unbreakable.  The Village.  These are just a few of the legendary filmmaker M. Night Shayamalan’s contemporary classics.  But he has had a recent decline in both popularity as well as box office [...]

September 29, 2015 Movies and TV

Gotham: Season 2 Premiere

Gotham Season Two Premiere “Rise of the Villains: Damned if you do…” Before this episode can be reviewed, let’s clear the air a bit: I  hear a lot of hate toward Gotham, and that’s fine. Really. It is. I could [...]

September 24, 2015 Movies and TV
Hulk Cut From Captain America: Civil War

Hulk Cut From Captain America: Civil War

This is a sad day for all of us Hulk fans.  Mark Ruffalo has apparently been quoted, in an interview with an Italian website called Bad Taste, saying that his character will not be appearing in Civil War after all.  [...]

September 4, 2015 Movies and TV
movie remakes

Movie Remakes To Get Excited About

Remakes rarely live up to the hype of their originals, but they do give fans a chance to relive their favorite parts of a movie and reconnect with forgotten characters. And of course, they give film studios a chance to [...]

September 1, 2015 Movies and TV
Wes Craven

Wes Craven’s Ten Best Films

Yesterday, we lost a legend.  But even though we’ve lost Wes Craven, we’ll always have his stories and his films.  Here are a few of my favorites, even though it is hard to limit them.  Full disclosure: Craven was, is, [...]

August 31, 2015 Movies and TV

Another Fantastic Four Box Office Flop

This weekend has been bittersweet.  I am one of the many people who have been complaining for months about the approach 20th Century Fox was taking with their reboot of The Fantastic Four.   Feel free to blame me for [...]

August 9, 2015 Movies and TV

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