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ash vs evil dead

Ash Vs Evil Dead Trailer (VIDEO)

Ash is back so “Come get some!” I am a big fan of the original three Evil Dead movies and was not completely let down by the latest “reboot” of the franchise, but I am really excited about the new [...]

July 11, 2015 Movies and TV
Walking Dead Season 6

The Walking Dead Season 6 Official Trailer Released (VIDEO)

There is really nothing more to say than WOW! Check out the new trailer for The Walking Dead Season 6 just released at San Diego Comic Con. Did you watch it? Are you excited? Let’s talk a little about what [...]

July 10, 2015 Movies and TV
Cut & Print

Cut & Print: Terminator Genisys (2015)

I’ll sugarcoat this a bit: Terminator Genisys is a bad movie. It’s not a bad that can be enjoyed for how awful it is. It can’t even really be enjoyed because it has robots and electricity everywhere and lasers and [...]

July 5, 2015 Movies and TV
Cut & Print

Cut & Print: The Edge of Jurassic World

Cut & Print: The Edge of Jurassic World In addition to full-fledged movie reviews, comicbooked’s “Cut & Print” can incorporate any and all types of observations about films, even to the point of pondering on a certain aspect of it. [...]

June 27, 2015 Features, Movies and TV
Dusty Rhodes

The Death of a Dream – Dusty Rhodes Passes Away

Deaths in professional wrestling come way too early and way too often. Today the world lost the legendary “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. Unfortunately I was born a little too late and in the wrong part of the country to really [...]

June 13, 2015 Movies and TV
Ant-Man Publicity

Ant-Man: The Publicity Machine Ramping Up

Marvel is set now to really push it’s new film, Ant-Man. It had to hold back on this for some time. It was a bit of an odd move for the studio to release two big films in the same [...]

June 12, 2015 Movies and TV
christopher lee

Christopher Lee (1922-2015): The Dark Side of Being Iconic

Christopher Lee (1922-2015) One of the cinema’s most distinct – and often most chilling – voices has left us. It has been said that Sir Christopher Lee, who passed away on Sunday at the age of 93, has been in [...]

June 11, 2015 Movies and TV
Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix

The Punisher is coming to Daredevil Season 2 !

I’m glad to announce some exciting news about our new favorite Marvel series on Netflix. Daredevil will be gaining a new character known to the masses as The Punisher. One of the most violent characters in the Marvel Universe. This news [...]

June 10, 2015 Movies and TV
Cut & Print - BvS trailer

Batmobile Unveiled!

At the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas today, Warner Bros. Consumer Products revealed the new Batmobile from the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I know that we have seen the pictures before, but not like this. This film [...]

June 9, 2015 Cosplay, Movies and TV

Entertainment News Roundup

Welcome to a blast of news so amazing that you won’t have to go for that high colonic appointment this week. We read the stories, chew them up, swallow them, regurgitate that news, and feed it back to you like [...]

June 8, 2015 Movies and TV
Big Trouble

Big Trouble In Remake Land.

Remakes & reboots are a touchy subject for a a lot of us fans, these days.  Every once in a while the concept works, but often times it’s just a ham handed attempt to rake in easy money from an  [...]

June 6, 2015 Movies and TV
point break

Remake Preview: Point Break… Again?

With the summer approaching and the beach calling hundreds of thousands of people to it’s sandy shores to cool off, a special movie I hold dear to my heart is being remade, Point Break. Some of you may  be able [...]

May 28, 2015 Movies and TV

SUPERNATURAL – A Retrospective of the Last Decade – SEASON ONE

Supernatural has signed on for an 11th season!!! I can’t even describe how excited this makes me! I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I thought season 10 would be the final season for Supernatural, but I am happy [...]

May 26, 2015 Movies and TV
mad men

The second half of the Mad Men final season comes to our screens

For anyone who’s watched Mad Men from the beginning, or even joined half-way through, they’ll be eager to see the second half of the final season take off again this week. Mad Men gives us the chance to do some time-traveling [...]

May 23, 2015 Movies and TV

First Look Trailer: DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

The CW has introduced us to some really great characters through Arrow and The Flash. Comic in 2016 from DC Comics and the CW, we have a new show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Check out the First Look right here. [...]

May 14, 2015 Movies and TV

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