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Russo Brothers Set to Direct Avengers: Infinity War

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting a bit of a shake-up this week as Joe and Anthony Russo are set to direct Avengers: Infinity War. They will be stepping in to helm the film franchise after director and main continuity [...]

March 23, 2015 Movies and TV

Comic Booked Goes to Hollywood!

(We keep our ear to the ground regarding the most anticipated films)   Marvel Bails? If the reports are true, tickets for this year’s San Diego Comic Con sold out faster than.. well, faster than anyone expected. Fans thought they [...]

March 12, 2015 Movies and TV

New Trailer for Marvel’s Daredevil Series

I know many of your are drooling and foaming for the new Daredevil series coming from Marvel and Netflix. Just to whet your appetite even more… here is a new trailer! What do you think? Do you like Vincent D’Onofrio [...]

March 11, 2015 Movies and TV
star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels: Vision of Hope

  Reviewing a show targeted to the younger set can be difficult. Since I basically breathe all things Star Wars, the task is a little easier: it was part of my childhood so I try to bring that kid that’s [...]

March 6, 2015 Movies and TV
star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels: Call to Action

Star Wars Rebels shares one important thing with the original trilogy that was lacking in the prequel films: the Empire. Sure, it’s kind of cool watching armies of droids take on armies of clones, but nothing quite penetrates our psyche [...]

March 6, 2015 Movies and TV
star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels: Rebels Resolve

The penultimate episode of the first season of Star Wars Rebels begins, like many of the episodes this season, with an action scene meant to please fans of the original trilogy, wherein a memorable moment or situation from those films [...]

March 6, 2015 Movies and TV
star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels: Fire Across the Galaxy

It all comes down to the season finale. The story is simple, but how it affects the characters, not to mention how it changes the status quo of this series, is not. This finale is just about perfect. It has [...]

March 6, 2015 Movies and TV
Pro Wrestling

Strange Pro Wrestler of the Week – Oz

Oz       A few weeks ago we took a look at what happens when World Championship Wrestling decided to rip off a very successful property. How the character Glacier was not served cease in desist papers imminently is [...]

February 26, 2015 Movies and TV
Amanda Waller v Batman

The DC Cinematic Universe has cast Amanda Waller

The DC Cinematic Universe has been causing some, umm, waves recently.  (Sorry.  Couldn’t help it.)  So it should come as no surprise that when the folks in charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe releases a movie poster for Avengers: Age [...]

February 25, 2015 Movies and TV

2015 Best Picture Nominations: Worst to Best

For once, I decided to go out of my way and make sure that I saw every movie that was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. Being a student and lover of the medium, I believe that it’s [...]

February 22, 2015 Movies and TV

New Alien Movie To Be A Reality

With the recent news that Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9, Elysium, and the upcoming Chappie, will be heading up Alien 5, the working title for the latest film in the Alien franchise. He has posted some great concept [...]

February 20, 2015 Movies and TV

Unite the Seven with DC Cinematic Universe’s Aquaman

Jason Momoa is Aquaman!  Zack Snyder released a promotional image on Twitter late last night, exclaiming: “There is only one true king,” adding the official hashtag: #UniteTheSeven shortly thereafter.  This could have several different meanings, from the obvious “Aquaman is [...]

February 20, 2015 Movies and TV
Pro Wrestling

Strange Pro Wrestler of the Week – Gangrel

  In the early 90s the WWE was losing popularity. One of the big reasons behind this was the ridiculous characters they had. Some of which have already been covered in other “Strange Pro Wrestler” articles. In the late 90s [...]

February 19, 2015 Movies and TV
Tuesday Trailer Park

Tuesday Trailer Park: February 17, 2015

Another trip down to the Tuesday Trailer Park for all you TTP junkies. I love a good movie trailer almost as much as a cheesy one. Check out this load of stuff we have for your viewing pleasure this week. [...]

February 17, 2015 Movies and TV
Walking Dead

Comic Booked Poll: The Walking Dead Poll #1

With the appearance of Aaron last night on The Walking Dead on AMC, the question came to mind about who we can trust right now. There are definitely some questions to be answered about many people’s reliability and trustworthiness. Take [...]

February 16, 2015 Movies and TV