Thursday 28th May 2015,
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More Teases From Marvel Now!

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As usual, Marvel has released a few new teases for what I can only assume is Avengers Academy and Wolverine.  If I’m right then it looks like Wolverine will be done by Frank Cho.  That is a book that might wind up being worth grabbing. Meanwhile, Avengers Academy is one of my favorite books that Marvel puts out so I sure hope Kieron Gillen can keep it up.  He definitely has his work cut out for him.   While Loeb’s run on Wolverine has been disappointing, we can only hope Cho brings it back to being a top selling title, considering it is one of Marvel’s flagship titles and the biggest money maker in the Marvel Universe, next to Spider-Man. Here are the teasers below.

Marvel Now! Teaser Savage
Marvel Now! Teaser Amateurs

Look for Marvel to reveal more at New York Comic Con next weekend.

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