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More Images From Marvel’s Point One

Michael Wirth 09/30/2011 Reviews

Earlier this week we gave you a look at Marvel Comics’ new Point One book, a 64-page behemoth that they are touting, which will set the stage for the Marvel Universe in 2012. Included with the news of Point One was an image of Nova, blasting through space, and the names Loeb and McGuinness written underneath. Since then, Marvel has revealed a few additional pieces of art, each showcasing a different creative team. Each new teaser piece has made the Point One issue look more and more intriguing.

By Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan HitchBendis/Hitch

Brian Michael Bendis has done some amazing things for the Avengers, from destroying them at their very core in Avengers Disassembled, to adding Daredevil to the roster in the newest issues of the series. Given that his name and Bryan Hitch, whose work with The Ultimates was nothing short of breath-taking, and the pictures of Ultron units flying over what looks like an opulent building in the middle of a city, I would assume this image refers an Avengers run for 2012. Having no clue as to what’s happening here, I can only speculate, which I won’t even bother to do. All I know is given that many Ultrons in that close of a proximity to each other, there has to be one explosive story-line in the works.


By Matt Fraction and Terry DodsonFraction/Dodson

Matt Fraction, one of the brains behind Fear Itself, rejoins his Uncanny X-Men artist Terry Dodson for what looks like a new assembly of Avengers. I’m not entirely sure if that what this is, but the motley crew in the image, Iron Fist, Namor, Red She-Hulk, Ant-Man, Nick Fury, and what looks like Silver Surfer, all gathered together like this really makes me scratch my head. Now, it is interesting to realize that Namor, who is currently on the X-Men’s roster, is no where to be seen in the X-Men: Regenesis line up. So could this be a new super-team, comprised of ex-Avengers and ex-X-Men? And is that really Silver Surfer? My first reaction was that that figure is Iceman, but Iceman is back in New York with Wolverine and his X-Men. Of course, being a X-Men never stopped anybody from moonlighting on another team.

By Chris Yost and Ryan StegmanYost/Stegman

No disrespect to the other artists and artists, but this image really got me excited. Chris Yost has given us some of the magic in the current Fear Itself, as well as bringing back Selene in Necrosha, so he’s certainly supplied some strong stories for the Marvel canon. Ryan Stegman has kicked out some amazing work with Incredible Hercules and is currently working on Hulk Vs. Dracula. These two creators together have managed to come up with what I feel is the most intriguing image so far; a completely evil-looking Spider-Man. Marvel has already promised us the return of the Scarlet Spider and, given the hoodie that Spider-Man’s wearing, this definitely looks like they’re fulfilling that promise. But what is going on with the Daredevil mask? I mean, clearly that isn’t Matt Murdock, but who is it? It kind of looks like Phil Urich, a former Green Goblin and current Hobgoblin, but that would just be a guess. I really have no idea what’s going on. All I know is, when this story hits, I’m gonna be all over it.

Marvel draws some big criticism for their choice to concentrate on major, over-arching stories, but Point One looks like it’s going to be different. Including a little bit of everything, the book is bound to appeal to most of their core audience. And the fact that it will introduce a number of their storylines that will lead straight into next year makes in a must-read. I’ll definitely be looking out for this issue when it comes out.

Point One is due in stores November 2.

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