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Raphael Moran 04/17/2012 Reviews




215ink and FUBAR press recently form a unique comic alliance on Kickstarter. Their goal was to help fund enough money to print enough copies for Free Comic Day. It was their goal to get their comics into the hands of new readers, retailers and create more awareness of their small press companies.   It was a great idea and many others agreed, because their Kickstarter was a rousing success. Last week I reviewed FUBAR’s entry into Free Comic day and now I will tell you about the other partner in this comic union.  

 Sea of Danger

215ink’s Free Comic Book Day flip book is three amazing comic stories for the price of none.  The first story is a Vic Boone short story, in the middle is a GCD short, and to end it off is a story called Apes with Uzi’s. I’m going to separate this review into individual sections so everyone can get a little sense of what to expect in each story. First up…


VIC BOONE – Sea of Trouble.


The character of Vic Boone, the masterful creation of writer Shawn Aldridge, is an ex-stunt-man, now private detective in an alternate Portland landscape filled with 50’s era sci-fi monsters, ray-guns and robots. I’ve been a big fan of the series since the first time I saw it back when it was a part of DC’s ill-fated Zuda line of comics. 215ink released a mini-series last year and Vic is now back in comics with this short story.   

 Vic Boone

So what is the story about? It centers on Vic just trying to drive his motorcycle to the beach and enjoy a relaxing day after a grueling case involving a body-snatching old lady. Of course, if Vic enjoyed a relaxing day, we wouldn’t have an entertaining story. It doesn’t take long before Vic has to save the beach goers from a giant tentacle eye ball creature and a special guest appearance from a very familiar sea creature that I don’t want to spoil for anyone that loves 50’s science fiction.     

Jason Copland supplies a great rendition of Vic. He has a very clean and dynamic style that really suits the character. Jim McMunn does a very stylized cover with Vic on a bike looking badass with a cigarette. The black and white tone of the series actually looks a lot better than Vic’s original colored mini-series. I have nothing against the colors of that series, but there’s just a certain quality that the black and white gives to the Vic Boone world that the bright colors of the old comic do not. It makes me think I’m watching an old 50’s movie. Vic Boone fans, this a story that should not be missed. 


GCD- Enharmonic Showdown.  


This story feels a little like the odd man out. In terms of tone, Vic Boone and Apes with Uzis seem to mesh tonally more than this story. I’ve heard about this upcoming series from 215ink before, and the concept reminded me a little of Scott Pilgrim without all the damn annoying hipster antics. This story, however is about two people in a record store that basically try to out rock each other. It’s a nice simple story that has a really kinetic style by artist Jolene Houser. The story – written by GCD creator, Adam Wilson – doesn’t really have any dialogue or captions. I’m actually still trying to figure out what GCD means? Greatest common denominator? Good Christian dudes? I was hoping on a little info on who was who and what exactly GCD was. I think a lot of folks who pick up this story on Free Comic Book Day will probably have the same issue with this. All in all, it wasn’t a bad story. In fact, it’s a pretty entertaining one. It’s only four pages, so it kind of comes off as filler to the meatier stories.   




With a title like that, should I say any more? Everyone loves apes, and give them Uzi’s makes for a winning combo. This one was created by Rolf Lejdegard and written by Breakneck writer Mark Bertollini. Peebo Mondia supplies some twisted ape-tastic art as well. Basic story is this: A hired delivery monkey is sent to deliver a package to one of the biggest mobsters in the city. He’s shot at and almost run over. The twist of the story is that all of the characters are apes. Taking a clichéd action movie trope and turning the characters into apes just instantly turns it into a unique experience. In fact, I hope this is the direction of any future Planet of the Apes movies! Apes on motor cycles, shooting Uzi’s and smoking a cigarette – a recipe for success!

 Apes With Uzis

This story seems to just be a set up for a future ape story. It’s a great idea that will hopefully get a lot of fans to want to order the upcoming book.  


 There you have it. Three badass, action packed, and thrilling comic stories by a daring small press company. Tell your retailer to order a copy by contacting Liber Distro distribution. Help keep the dream alive for these creators. Fans need to support these types of projects, because retailers will only listen to you. Plus these are FREE! Three stories for free! You can’t go wrong with that.


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