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Monica Rambeau to Return to the Marvel Lineup?

Kelly Cassidy 06/07/2013 News

I’ve been a longtime Avengers reader and remember when the character of Monica Rambeau first appeared, WAY back when. She’s been a powerful member of the team, even serving as team leader, and has had multiple identities in her time. She was the first person to take on the mantle of Captain Marvel and, when she found out the story of its original “owner”, she even offered to remove it from herself in respect of such a hero. Getting to know this wonderful character over time, she has since (more or less) vanished from the face of Marvel. You can imagine my surprise when, in recent issues of the new Captain Marvel series, Monica pairs up with current CM Carol Danvers. It was nice to see that Monica may have been gone for a while but was not forgotten.

It’s even nicer to see that others have not forgotten about her and with a rather vague note from one of the main bigwigs at Marvel, Tom Brevoort, we can expect something with Monica again soon:

Tom Brevoort - Formspring


So it sounds like something’s up with Monica, and Marvel will be saying something about it today. Either that or Mr. Brevoort is playing with his fans – not in a bad way, mind you, but in a way that there are some interesting things on the horizon (such as their recent announcements of a new team under Luke Cage).

EDIT (6:45 PM EST): It has been confirmed by Marvel and Tom Brevoort that Monica will be returning under the name of Spectrum. She will be returning in a new series formally announced today, the Mighty Avengers.

Does Monica’s possible return to a regular role excite you? What other Marvel characters who have vanished over time would you like to see return?

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  1. jeffhillwriter 06/15/2013 at 6:42 pm

    Never really felt strongly one way or the other about the character. Glad to see Marvel at least trying to use some of their forgotten fan-favorite characters, though.

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