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Monday isn’t so Bad

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Every Monday I know I only have a couple days to wait until new comic books come out. This seems unusual for someone who doesn’t collect, but also no different than someone who can’t wait until Friday to start the weekend with a drink. We all have our rituals whether it is weekly, monthly, or even daily! The comic books I choose are the ones I enjoy reading, I tend to stop collecting something if it loses my interest. I just don’t have the extra funds to purchase comic books in that way, but I used to. I bought things just to help my collection grow; numbers used to be everything.

I buy trade paperbacks now on certain mini-series rather than get every single issue with all the variant covers. I want the story. I want to be entertained. Many smaller publishers will have limited series and only limited series. I enjoy this more than someone starting over. I know I am going to get a full story. It is going to start and it is going to end. Many titles that are continuous have added limited runs to add to their story; Magic was such a title for the New Mutants. It was nestled in between a few panels of New Mutants #14.

New Mutants

Monday is also that strange day for me because unlike most people it isn’t a day that I wake up and have to start a first day of the week. I only have one day off, and that day is Thursday. My work day starts on a Sunday at 11pm and ends early Monday morning between three and four in the morning; making it my shortest work day. I also tend to use Monday’s to edit some of my articles. In other words, what you read is either a first draft that I tend to post or something I’ve rehashed over and over for it to be perfect.

Comic books are a simple means to tell a story. Sometimes these stories are grand in scope over decades of writing, other times they are a small tale that will ripple across a lake. But every Wednesday I make the trip to my comic shop with the full intent to buy new comic books for the day and then on my way home, amongst the bustle of public transportation, I start to read a few; rewarding my week not with a beer but with a story.

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