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Mjolnir Will Never Be The Same Thanks To Cobra Tucker

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Have you ever had a moment that you knew you were destined to do something great?   You have one shot to make it or break it, for Cobra Tucker (Cody Tucker) that moment was literally both.  If you are clueless as to who I am speaking about, you can find his incredible resume here.   Fellow Comic Booked writer Thom Atkinson stumbled upon this Youtube golden nugget and I loved the video so much I had to meet the kid.   Enjoy!

Comic Booked: Tell me a little bit about yourself

Cody: I’m a student who also likes to keep busy by working at about 6 different jobs while maintaining some semblance of a personal life! I can often be found on any number of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. so hit me up! ( @cobratucker )

Comic Booked: Comic Book reader by chance?

Cody: How’d ya know?  I’ve been reading comics for about 13 years, first diving into Marvel with Grant Morrison’s X-Men then branching out into any other comic I could pick up. My consistent reads are Uncanny X-Men, Invincible, Ex Machina, Batman & Robin, Green Lantern, Avengers, and pretty much anything that catches my eye.

Comic Booked: You have held  Mjolnir, let alone felt its power.  Please explain.

Cody: Mjolnir is, indeed, quite powerful yet I thought it might’ve been a bit sturdier. Mayhaps the minds at Marvel should invest in a stronger cardboard so that the mightiest warriors will be fighting with a more reliable weapon. But seriously, the adrenaline rush I got from slamming down the hammer of Thor was intense.

Comic Booked:What exactly brought this plan to fruition?

Cody: My three friends and I were coming out of the premiere of Hangover Part 2. I had posed for a picture with Mjolnir when I had first seen Thor, but I’d never considered wielding it. I believe that it being 2am had a major part of me feeling reckless enough to attempt it. My friend dared me to do it, and I accepted the challenge.

Comic Booked: Did you get caught?

Cody: As soon as I slammed the hammer to the ground, I booked it as you can see in the video. A manager basically stood by and watched me perform the deed, only yelling “Hey!” in an attempt to stop me. We ran around the outside of the theater to our car, but no one attempted to chase us. The fact that I ran like a little girl with arms flailing like Kermit the Frog makes it that much better.

Comic Booked: It currently has 16,000 hits on youtube, did you think that many people would see it?

Cody: (Currently at 16,057) The fact that this has gotten more than twenty views is beyond me. We thought it would be entertaining to our friends only in a Jackass-type-stunt kind of way, but I wanted to share it with the comic book-reading community just for fun. I have absolutely no intention to turn into some kind of “Youtube Celebrity” as I think those peoples’ careers are a bit of a joke, but I would LOVE to see the video on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 only so that Daniel Tosh could make fun of it. Dream big, right?

Comic Booked: How exactly does a movie theater react when Thor’s hammer is pounded into the ground?

Cody: Since the movie theater hasn’t taken any action even with the recognition I’ve gotten with the video, I actually wanted to call on people nationwide to attempt to wreak havoc with their local Mjolnirs. Have at thee!

Comic Booked: What is next for the Warriors Three?  Cap’s shield?

Cody: It’s actually perfect that I had three friends with me, all male, who acted as my compatriots. One friend, however, wanted to be Sif, the female warrior, so we’ll be sitting him down for a talk. For now, though, I’ve really been eying the gigantic cardboard Optimus Prime that’s posted up in our theater, so I might make an attempt to get it through the door. Just a suggestion, but Marvel could really save money by just spray painting cardboard boxes and calling them “Cosmic Cubes.”

Comic Booked: Anything else you’d like to add?

Cody: Find me on twitter/facebook/etc. and check out my video HERE!

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