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Mike Grell Hospitalized for Cellulitis

Kelly Cassidy 08/13/2013 News

For longtime fans of DC’s Emerald Archer in comic book form, the name Mike Grell may be quite familiar to you. He’s been around the halls of DC Comics for many a year, starting with Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes and then going on to create The Warlord for the publisher. What I know him the most for, though, is his run on Green Arrow which began with the miniseries surrounding the character, The Longbow Hunters.

Recently, Grell had to cancel an appearance at an Arizona comic con with little notice, prompting a number of fears from fans. Today, Mike Grell posted an update on what happened with his health status, indicating that after a bug bite in late July he was diagnosed with cellulitis. He had some visibility issues with one eye as well as a large amount of joint pain. After being treated for cellulitis, he now has to deal with the after-effects of it, and remains in hospital but – based upon his post – sounds to be in good spirits and all sounds positive with the hope that he can return home soon.

We at Comic Booked wish Mr Grell a speedy recovery from his illness and hope that he gets back on his feet in the near future!

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