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Meet the Newest Green Lantern

David Vandervliet 08/07/2012 Reviews

Who is that masked man?

Not an unusual exclamation in comics, but not one we often associate with Green Lantern. But coming this fall, you may find yourself wondering who that guy with the green ring is, as DC introduces the newest member of the Green Lantern Corps from Space Sector 2814 (That is where Earth is, if you didn’t know)

Sure, half of the characters (the human ones) who currently operate as members of the Green Lantern Corps have masks and secret identities, but who they are is known, at least among the upper echelons of DC’s hero community.   Of course, if you been following the Lantern family of titles, you know things are not looking good for the Corps, especially for the Lanterns from sector 2814, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Hal Jordan (who, since the end of the ​War of the Green Lanterns, technically isn’t a Green Lantern anymore.)

Little has been revealed about this new ringslinger, who was briefly glimpsed fighting the Justice League in DC’s Free Comic Book Day offering, and on the cover of this September’s Zero issue, sporting a tattoo along his forearm, in what appears to be arabic,  and wielding a pistol to go along with his ring.  The issue also serves as a prologue to the ​Third Army ​story arc, where those devious little blue guys, the Guardians of the Universe, are apparently plotting the dismantling of the Green Lantern Corps.   What does this new GL has to do with it, and what happened to Sinestro, and Hal Jordan?

With the solicitation for October’s Green Lantern #13 we get a name to go with the mask, or at least part of a name,  Baz.  Now while I think it would pretty cool if DC’s newest hero was also the guy who directed  the upcoming Great Gatsby adaptation, and Moulin Rouge, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s not Baz Luhrmann under that cowl.

Baz is apparently the Arabic word for falcon, but I don’t think that is Marvel Comic’s character  Falcon, aka Sam Wilson, either.

A big part of the New 52 has been the diversification of the DC, and this certainly seems to be step in that direction, and I don’t see this new character causing a whole lot of waves in the comic community, as the GL legacy is one of change and renewal.  I do await the reaction to an Arabic character, especially one with a gun, in the politcal blogosphere.  Remember the reactions to Nightrunner, the French-Algerian Muslim who is a member of Batman, Inc?  It’s important to note that the since tattoos are forbidden, that Baz is probably not a Muslim.

New 52 Gatefold -

Superman welcomes the new Green Lantern to DCU.

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