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McFarlane Toys “The Walking Dead” Michonne SDCC Exclusive

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As Robert Kirkman has been promising for months now, the San Diego Comic-Con will feature a smorgasbord of goodness for fans of The Walking Dead. Coinciding with the release of 100th issue (check it out, new character) of everyone’s favorite zombie (pardon me, “walkers”) comic, SDCC attendees will also have the chance to take part in The Walking Dead Obstacle Course, purchase SDCC exclusive Walking Dead comics, or grab a stylish The Walking Dead “The Governor” t-shirt. “But what about the toy collectors?” I hear some of you ask. Well fear not, my friends, there is a cool SDCC exclusive The Walking Dead toy just waiting to come home with you to be proudly displayed in your collection!

McFarlane Toys will be producing a special “Bloody Michonne” SDCC exclusive action figure, based off of Michonne’s first appearance in The Walking Dead comic series. If you have read the Image Comics series, then you already know how bad-ass this character is; even if you have only watched the AMC TV series, you got a glimpse of her in The Walking Dead Season 2 finale. Today TV Guide unveiled the first official image of this “must have” collectable, and it looks awesome!

Michonne SDCC Exclusive toy

The “Bloody Michonne” figure features 22 points of articulation, comes wearing the signature poncho, includes a gore-caked sword, power-drill, pliers, and a hammer. The packaging features new artwork from The Walking Dead artist, Charlie Adlard. All of this, crafted with the fine quality we have come to expect from McFarlane Toys over the years, for the bargain price of $25! Get them at the event (while they last). Let’s hope at some point in the near future that a toy set featuring Michonne and her two zombie trackers lashed to chains gets released. In the meantime, this SDCC exclusive will do nicely.

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