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Matt’s Most Awaited Video Games of 2012

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There was enough research for 2012 out there to know that this year will be summed up in one short word: Chaotic.

Mid-Summer there will be a movie coming out called Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter, a movie where a stoner is on a quest to find wood-glue, and a board game comes to life in the form of an alien invasion.  The Elections are coming to fruition and are already as bash-inducing as ever. The end of the world is supposedly going to come in December, though probably not since even the people who are descendents of the Mayan People disagree as of today.  Plus all the prophecies from people of the past suggest it is going to be either very hot, or very cold.  Trust me, just look up their future weather forecasts yourself.

But, to say the least, it’s going to be an odd year for all of us, including Video Games at least.  Granted, after a discussion with individuals on the Escapist, there will be a few video games that will peak anybody’s interest.  For me, I was originally going to tell you about my top Five…but then realized that I needed to up the scale a bit and move the number up.  So here we go folks, the top ten games that I hope to get a hold of before the end of the year and I spend many hours watching thirteen dwarves make a mess of a hobbit home, which is coming out in December.

10. Let’s bring in the heavy hitter first, the one that everyone seems to want to talk about, though Mass Effect 3 is probably one of the only games on this list that I have little interest in. It’s mostly just because after hours on end with the first game, I suddenly realized I just went in one big circle, and the map I had didn’t seem to help me figure out where I needed to go.  Granted, I could probably play now but after a few hours of trying to tell the difference of who’s the friendly metal floating object and what’s not, I figured that everyone who enjoys it must mesh well with it and I’m not one of them.

I do understand the appeal, hence why I’m going to toss this in as a game that is most well deserved recognition, since it is one of the few that Everyone wanted to talk about how it’s going to be amazing…in 2011.  It’s a year off, but it still remains as the most favored out of the public.

Release date:  March 6th for North America, and like a 9 day wait for the rest of the world…so odd.


9. Prey 2 is a sequel to a rather small franchised game that came out in mid-2006.  It was a game that was slow to gain popularity, having its millionth copy sold by October (when games like Modern Warfare receive that many overnight).  Nevertheless it was an appealing game, one that I myself find it worth getting a hold of sometime.  The fact was, I was surprised to find that it carried a sequel, though after reading about the storyline, a sequel was meant to be made.  I’m glad to see Human Head Studios make another game, as it truly was one of the few that shined like gold but people ignored it like it was bronze.  I’d say give this one a chance, folks!

Release date:  Summer 2012


8. Okay, yeah, I dodged this one like the plague, but let’s face it.  When I first started to get back into gaming in the early 2000s, I found myself getting swarmed with people often telling me that I should try this game..or try this one, then show me something that usually turned me off.  The Grand Theft Auto series was the big one, as people tended to show me the ‘get prostitute, kill them and take back your money’ deal.  Max Payne was another, as it tended to baffle me with its ‘getting shot a thousand times but then that’s okay, here’s some painkillers’ (of course, I never met a Modern Warfare fan until like..three years later?).  As of today, I look back and find my irritation for the logic of Max Payne to be rather silly, and will honestly start picking up the game as soon as I have the time for it.  That way, I can play all the way through so I can play Max Payne 3 and know what’s going on.  From all the features I’ve seen of it, if you’re a Max Payne fan, then this game will be right for you.  If you’re not, please, join me in my epic crusade to cleanse my sins in avoiding this game.

Oh, but I’m still against the prostitute thing in GTA, you fellows annoyed me from ever doing that….ever…

Release date: March 2012

7 and 6.  Granted, these two have completely separate identities, and heck, completely different styles of game play.  But, they are both hopefully going to be released by 2012 and…well folks, it is indeed Blizzard.  When they say April of 2011, what they mean is November 2011, or January of 2012, then suddenly there’s no date.  It’s sort of a situation that they seem to always have, and if you’re a gamer that loves any series by Blizzard, you’ll know that the only Video Game that wasn’t cancelled or came in late was World of Warcraft, and that was only because nobody knew about it until Blizzard threw us that bone.  I’m not saying that I hate Blizzard, in fact I love their games.  They should just not put any release dates until they’re sure they have it set.  Which they seem to have for these two, but regardless.

Heart of the Swarm is the second episode to Starcraft II, in which we will get to play as Sarah Kerrigan, leader of the Zerg Swarm.  Only, this time you’re not exactly ‘evil’, though you can be, as far as I can theorize from all the detail I’ve seen.  This time though, you’re gathering up the swarm to fight the man that destroyed Sarah:  Arcturus Mengsk, as well as fight the darkness that’s coming that was saw a bit of in the previous chapter. We will be seeing aa return of Rayner, Mengsk, and maybe Zeratul, and hopefully we will be encountering the evil being named Duran once more.  Which of course will be awesome.

Diablo III is…well, the third in the Diablo series that is basically the same RPG/Adventure/Hack-n-Slash game that it has been in the previous games in the series.  You will be seeing some familiar faces, including Diablo himself, though where they will be going with the series is still up in the air. Unlike the first two games, you will have new classes to choose from.  The return of the Barbarian and Wizard isn’t too surprising, but seeing the new Monk, Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor is.  Graphically, it looks great, though after some research, it was found that Blizzard could have had an earlier game, but threw it out to try to rework all the pieces and bits, hence why it took as long as it did.  Still, just watch all the game play yourself, trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Release dates:  Heart of the Swarm TBA, Diablo III The first quarter of the year.


5. What do you do when you cross World of Warcraft with Cute creatures and the French?  You get Wakfu, a new Epic MMORPG that alot of people misinterpret it as a cartoon when in reality the french cartoon that is seen on the web is actually a premise to the Wakfu game.

Back in Comic Con, I was offered to step in and take a look at the series, and I must say that it is rather interesting in itself…though I will save all the great little detail of the game for my next article.

One thing I can tell you right now is:  It’s a new MMORPG that looks to try and integrate various games into one.  Be aware there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Release date: February 2012

4. Funny part is that I didn’t really hear about this game until somebody mentioned it to me.  Then I got to see the video of it..and to my amusement, I suggested that there was a lot of similarities to Mad World on the Wii, yet it was in color.  People laughed at me for a moment so I had to look up this new game myself…

Indeed Anarchy Reigns is the sequel to Mad World, and to make it a very odd thing indeed, this video game will be coming out to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and not the Wii at all…

Anyway, the game itself does indeed look fun, it’s like a fighting game, but with a more sandbox-y arena.  So if you were a fan of the tournaments in Kingdom Hearts, or think there should be more control over the camera in Mortal Kombat Deception/Armagheddon?  Then this is the game for you. It comes with a good number of characters from Mad World, with only one or two new chars..but hey, you get to *play* the characters now beyond Jack Cayman.

Release date: July 3rd in North America, with a three day waiting period for the rest of the world.

3. Sly Cooper is a series that I just never grew out of.  It’s a fun game that tells us that a series can be silly, dramatic, and all that rest between the two very opposing pillars, and still have decent enough graphics to make the most nostalgic individual to play over again. Thieves in Time is the fourth installation to a rather good series (even if the third ended on a place where it could have ended).  Graphically, it looks to have a similar, cartoony look like its prequels, but lets face it, if we were to test Sly Cooper on it’s graphics, then it probably wouldn’t be as popular as it was.  Still, looks really good, as if it got updated much like how Saints Row the third was to its older sibling:  Saints Row 2.  Game play, well, it just better be similar, because nothing is worse than to be stuck with new controls and having to relearn it all over again.  The only worry is that the original developers, Sucker Punch, will be replaced by Sanzaru Entertainment, though it seems they were the ones that helped revamp the series so you can play it on Playstation 3.  So we should hope for some good news…

Release date:  Mid-2012


2. Ironic as it is that Vigil Games continues its story about the end of the world upon the year when people mark it as the end of the world.  If you remember my previous article, then this article should not be nearly as much of a surprise than it should be.  You play as Death, brother of War from the first Darksiders.  As interesting as it is, you will be playing Death as War currently fights in the realm, so you may encounter some changes when War suddenly does something from the first Darksiders.

As far as I have seen, Vigil has altered Darksiders II slightly from its predecessor, but all for the better.  This includes seeing how much damage you’re dealing, as I had problems with knowing how much damage War was giving to an armored foe and such.  But, again, lets be honest, you can read the rest of my feelings on my Darksiders article.  Beyond that, it’s one of my top Awaited games that I’m looking forward to this year.

Release date: June 2012


1.  Well, I am a sucker for Steampunk, big monsters and a hilarious but crazy town.  The original Bioshock gave me that, though it did feel kind of constricted with the amount that I recieved in first games gameplay.  When the sequel came out, I thought ‘all right, this should make things interesting’ as you get to play one of the gigantic big-daddies….only to be torn away by the lack of detail in the story and was interested in some of the gameplay.  Plus I got tired of the fact that ‘obvious guy behind you is obvious’, though that was pretty normal in the first one.

When I first saw the trailer for Bioshock Infinite, I thought: “THIS looks like the actual sequel.”  Unlike the small, constricted town of Rapture, you are now in the sky town of Columbia, a place where it seems constricted only in the fact that they have racial intolerence (though that has yet to be revealed…save for the massive George Washington poster in the trailer).  Still, much like Rapture, people are going crazy and it’s up to you to try to figure it out though you are actually mostly protecting a gal named Elizabeth, who happens to have alot of power. However, we are not certain of her abilities, except for the fact that the head of Columbia wants her.

That, plus watching as your character races down a track and shooting at guys heading towards you, and you got one hell of a game that will keep you breathless the entire way.


That’s it, folks!  My list of the top ten games that I’ll be considering throughout the year.  Each one will be interesting…and you can tell my tastes are a little diverse in the feel to each game, even if they’re sort of similar.  Still, there are alot of games out there, and this doesn’t have to be your list.  Here’s a few that are coming out…

Trials Evolution, X Rebirth, MGS3D, Guild  Wars 2, Kingdom of Amalur, Journey, FFXIII-2, Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3, Syndicate, Assassin’s Creed 3,  The Secret World, Matro 2034, Devil May Cry, Silent Hill, Halo 4, Kingdom Hearts 3, Soul Caliber 5, Street Fighter X.

There are also suggestions that there will be Persona 5 as well, and there is suggestions that the Last Guardian from Team Ico may not come to be, though that has yet to be confirmed.

For all of you who want to throw in their top ten, or even top five, go ahead and leave them all in the comment page, or head over to the forums and tell us all why!

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  1. dean 01/12/2012 at 4:10 pm

    Some must buys on this list for me. Are you going to provide more coverage of them in the future?

    • Cousin Matt 01/12/2012 at 4:49 pm

      Honestly, I'll be focusing on Wakfu, Darksiders 2, and will beg for mercy for Bioshock Infinite.

      The rest will no doubt be up in the air.

  2. Emmet OCuana 01/13/2012 at 2:08 am

    Dude, if you haven't played Prey you should make it a priority. It's a fine game. Unfortunately the paying public doesn't always come out in force for the quality titles – just look at Psychonauts.

    Also Lollipop Chainsaw. It'll either be an amazing 2012 game – or a beautiful trainwreck.

    • Cousin Matt 01/13/2012 at 4:44 pm

      Actually, my best friend back in Colorado had mentioned that to me. Unfortunately, I was usually too busy to really get any new games at the time. So yeah, I just missed my shot a long time back to pick up that one.

      And yeah, really, it's one of the few games that is a golden piece of work but people miss out…probably lack of publicity? Dunno, must investigate further…

      And Yes, I keep forgetting about Lollipop Chainsaw, and you hit the nail on the head, saying it's either beautiful or a train wreck. Which is the problem, we can't tell yet.

  3. Nick 01/20/2012 at 11:53 am

    Decent list. I’m not a PC guy so some of those I’m not as excited about, but I wish I could play them. Extremely happy to see someone give Darksiders 2 some recognition. I’m going to throw in some of my most anticipated. Halo 4 most of all. Brand new trilogy and I’m interested to see where they go with the series and the multiplayer. Borderlands 2 is the other huge title. Great Co-op experiences are hard to come by and Borderlands was one that kept me playing for several play throughs. Might as well throw in FFXIII-2 and RE6 now that it’s announced. 2012 will be a great year!

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